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Executive Director at ManuPax, Inc.

About Me

A visionary who's fascinated with written expression as a testament of our times.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Single Action vs. Double Action

Explaining the difference when dealing with single action vs. double action firearms.


Martial Arts Agility Drills

People who practice different martial arts for competition or self-defense practice these drills.


10 Best Lesbian Movies

You can be sure that French femmes know how to be sexual and sensual. The lesbian characters in these films will definitely win your heart.


Sí, lo hemos hallado. ¿Y?

Hallaron a Saddam Hussein. Fue en un hueco, debajo de una casa de granja. Sí, todos los sabemos ya. Se acabó el terror; la guerra está ganada.


Frío; frío; no tan caliente; ni siquiera tibio

Es un invierno que se nos ha acelerado de manera insospechada. Es cierto, el tiempo pasa, que casi vuela. Sin embargo, no es para tanto.



Executive Director

Executive director, publisher, literary coach and editor.

Company: Manu Pax, Inc

I worked there from 7/2008 until now

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