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It's not about the words you use - it's how you put them together.

About Me

I'm a seasoned content writer with extensive experience in digital marketing and blogging. 

In the past 12 years since finishing my degree in Communication Sciences, I never felt the need to find a conventional job. Instead, I dove deep into the vast sea of opportunities available on-line and I fell in love with the free-lance lifestyle as well as the immense potential of the Internet as a business tool.

I love the challenge of writing content that entices people, and I'm passionate about finding new ways to express myself while converting prospects and generating revenue for myself and my clients. 

I'm also a recent cancer survivor with many stories to tell! As the dust settles in this life-changing experience, I now aim to become a book author to inspire the world with my experience and everything I learned from it. 

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My Writing Samples

7 Common Habits That Secretly Make You Anxious

A motivational piece on typical sources of anxiety that often go unnoticed, including suggestions on how to cope with them and attain peace of mind. "It’s not an invisible monster hiding away and waiting to get you. Anxiety is more of a consequence of your dissatisfaction, rather than a cause. Understand what’s sourcing this problem and do your best to deal with it; as you do so, you’ll be effectively undermining the power anxiety has over you and it will gradually become easier to cope with.


Pandas, Penguins, and the Past and Future of Internet Marketing

The world keeps changing at an ever faster pace - and the Internet even more so. Seasoned webmasters know this, and often experience sour repercussions. Consider this:If you own a website, one of the best sources of traffic you can hope for is organic traffic (which is to say, visitors originating from search engines). And the undisputed king of search engines, as everyone knows, is Google. As such...whenever mighty Google enacts a major change to their ranking algorithms, the Internet marketing


5 game-changing technologies that will surface before 2020

Remember before the turn of the third millennium, when you dreamed of a sci-fi future of floating cars and artificially intelligent robots? Needless to say, technological developments didn’t quite pan out in the way most people imagined at the time. But outspread innovations certainly did surface, at ever increasing speed and rate.


Meet Maurice Tillet, the real world Shrek!

This may come to you as a surprise or a silly joke, but it’s nothing but the truth. The popular CGI cartoon Shrek actually existed! Rather, his ogre-ific head was modeled after a real person; he was called Maurice Tillet and he was actually a very intelligent person: a poet and writer who could speak 14 languages




A playful moniker for my on-going free-lance writing ventures.

Company: Writer Mercenary

I worked there from 6/2005 until now

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