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I Create Copy that Converts for You!

About Me

I am the creator of “The Fear Process,”. This is a deep dive into past traumas to overcome present fear blocks that prevent you from moving toward your dreams. 

I’ve facilitated wildly popular Self-Development and Career Transformation workshops in my native country of South Africa and  worked with a variety of non-profits. I’ve facilitated clients in Equine Therapy, owned a lucrative Cleaning, De-Clutter and Design Business. I am a Personal Development and Addiction Coach with a BSc (Hons) Psych and a Psychometrist.

As a former executive producer of a digital radio network, I am skilled in writing marketing copy and teasing readers to want more. Today, I follow my life’s passion, writing, and bring stories to life for the reader. I am working on my first book, The Clank of Chains, on personal development, Immigration and detention.

I believe in a strong work ethic, karma, just be yourself and write from the heart. I write non-fiction in the personal development, mind body soul,and travel genres. My empathy allows me to write for the reader and audience. I am also playing with fiction short stories.

I love researching subjects, and I am an avid reader, too. Stephen King’s book, On Writing, cemented a belief for me, a good writer must be a good reader. I thrive on deadlines, it’s the accountability that I love. And sometimes, you’ll find me reading my Tarot or Angels cards! I am learning Spanish and Russian and studying neuroscience for fun.

For each project I adjust the price according to the content required, and the work involved.

If we are a good fit, you can look forward to fantastic writing that captivates your readers and creates incredible levels of engagement.

Sounds great, right? 

Let's connect and create some magic!

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My Writing Samples

How can bells, paintings, conditioning and play improve your business?

Creativity is important in this world and as adults we shy away from it. This articles shows how children are creative and fearless, and how as adults we can learn from children. With actionable steps.


Now is the time to know the TRUTH about SELF doubt!

You may have degrees and a fabulous corporate career and this is a great place for you to hide. In reality you feel like you are rubbish and an impostor. This article takes you down a path to discover your self worth.


Find the light within

What do you do when the monsters lurk their ugly heads?This article is about the unconscious fears that keep us stuck and how to face them and move on.


Take a Scenic Drive to Totuma

Mud Baths are good for you, for your body and your mind. The minerals make your body feel like silk after. But you have to go to a spa and you only have some time to enjoy this meditation. What if there was another way?



Body, Mind, Soul Writer

Company: Carina Ghionzoli

I worked there from 6/2019 until now

Radio Show Producer, Freelance Writer, Editing, Proofreading

Producer Podcasts, Marketing for 24 hosts, pre and post show blurbs, coaching, social media, blogs.

Company: Coach on Fire Radio

I worked there from 9/2016 until 10/2018

Transformation Coach/Malleable Facilitator

Leadership Malleable Facilitation Foundation Phase Training Psychometrist Psychometric Assessments: Administer, score and write reports, feedback and recommendations Career and life coaching Workshops & Seminars Motivational Speaking Building Relationships with clients Write articles, Marketing

Company: WithIntent (PTY)Ltd

I worked there from 1/2015 until 8/2016

Content I Write