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Thoughtful and Communicative Copywriter and Content Planner, Owner of Copybridge

About Me

For those that need bottom-line results, look no further. I am copywriting professional that exceeds expectations with ghostwritten and bylined copy for contracted clients.

I pull together ideas, support and details from client communications to create copy that connects. I pride myself on being a straight-shooter and direct clients to any outstanding content requirements as I guide them to effectively create and use content to achieve their goals.

What Does Premium Content Mean?

Although you may pay anywhere from .30-$1 a word on niche and specialty content, it translates into meaningful messages for your audience without filler and draws upon outstanding authoritative source material and possible personal knowledge of the industry. Quality content is a big part of Google's algorithm and the SERPs. An investment here pays off in the growth and loyalty of audiences and in your page ranking. Make each piece of content worth a prospect's time. Schedule a call with me to start creating meaningful content for your audience today!

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

Top Tips on Buying a Used Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

In about two months, many bikes end up hibernating in garages across America. Right now, fellow bikers are taking advantage of October and November months to get a great deal on a used bike or trade-in a current ride for a newer model. However, buying a good, used Harley isn’t so easy. There are important considerations to acknowledge when buying a used Harley, rather than a new bike.


3 Real Safe Riding Tips for a Long Ride from Fellow Bikers

Now is the time for taking that long ride to Washington, D.C, Sturgis, S.D. and other rallies across the country. While some may say that there is little difference between planning a long distance ride and going for a shorter run, riders believe differently. We sent an invitation out to Harley riders asking what tips they follow and would suggest for fellow bikers going on a long trip.


Yoga Improves Lives of Autistic Children on Long Island

Autism and autism spectrum disorders can be challenging for affected individuals and their families. However, children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities create an opportunity for service providers to think differently and find ways to embrace everyone within their practice, helping children, teens and adults with autism, Asperger’s and other special needs. Brian Aubin is that type of wellness provider, offering customized yoga instruction...


Can Chronic Pain Change the Way the Brain Perceives Pain?

Chronic pain is an issue for many patients. Approximately 1.5 billion people globally experience chronic pain. While recent injuries may result in problems with chronic pain, fibromyalgia and other conditions may increase pain sensitivity for reasons as yet unknown to medical practitioners. Patients suffering from chronic pain may seek to manage symptoms with prescription drugs and conventional and alternative therapies. What is less understood is how the brain responds to chronic pain and ...


How Introverts Network

Networking can be a daunting ordeal for the introvert. In fact, it can feel overwhelming. I know this from personal experience. I have to push myself to look for and connect with people that I do not know in a potentially awkward situation. But it doesn’t have to be that way.



VP of Marketing

Responsible for communications, content marketing and social media outreach. Since the team has launched the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool 4-pin and 6-pin products in April, the initial press release, related news, reviews and mentions have been seen in a range of industry publications including...

Company: Diagnostica

I worked there from 12/2016 until now

Business Owner

Responsible for all facets of business operations. Lead copywriter creating content for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Initial outreach to clients, content writing, marketing and other roles fall within the description. Specializing in copy for two distinct areas: health and wellness and content marketing.

Company: Copybridge

I worked there from 6/2015 until now

Freelance Writer

Work with clients to create copy for landing pages, blog and article, and press releases to support the needs of their business. Consult businesses on ways to improve current websites for better conversion rates. Advise and make suggestions on topics, organic SEO incorporation and strategy.

Company: Freelancer

I worked there from 11/2014 until now

Head Instructor, Owner

Owner of EFL Connection. We offer bespoke educational English training packages to meet the demands of a selective clientele. Sharpen your competitive edge with our specialized, one-to-one instruction.

Company: EFL Connection

I worked there from 6/2011 until now

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