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About Me

Ok,  let's keep it simple, My name is Brad,  I am a young Native American writer who is seeking a way to start a career,  with a cultural background and a insightful knowledge of history,  my writing shall flourish as long as I can secure my first steps into writing. 

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The light

Light,No more fear or fear of fight, stand with me and know me well. I'm the man of many and the truth of you.Hear me guide, I am just a whisper away, no need to cry, cry, cry The silent whisper woke her, releasing his clasp.The light, The man of many had a gift, a gift of one that would grow to many, a light, light, light



substitute teacher

Through teaching and supporting young children in education I have been substituting to stay afloat and help with my bills. Teaching has taught me many things, especially patience, as well as how to grow my ideas and expand on existing ideas.

Company: browning public schools

I worked there from 7/2017 until now

Part time cultural teacher

My twin and I have been avidly teaching the art of the Blackfeet culture on our spare time for a number of years now, We have been given the chance to see our young Blackfeet children grow and sustain within the culture, and each time they show us what we have taught, it drives us harder to keep pushing.

Company: Cuts wood Immersion school

I worked there from 1/2015 until now

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