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About Me

I have enjoyed working in many industries before settling on writing as a career. I began as a Network Specialist for a large advertising agency in Chicago. During my years there, I learned about many aspects of the advertising world and had the opportunity to work with brilliant advertisers and marketers who inspired my love for the business.

I has also worked for the Colorado Press Service and helped a small start-up marketing firm in central Nebraska on their journey toward the award-winning national company they are today.

My experience ranges from marketing and advertising to accounting and administrative tasks. I have has several years experience in the property management and construction industry and am well-versed in the language of rental maintenance, new home construction, and the various steps of buying and selling a home.

Today, I am a dedicated writer who is committed to giving my clients the best of my experiences. I relish the opportunity to learn something new and finds joy in researching for anything I am writing

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5 Steps for Content Marketing Success

Content marketing is not something that businesses or advertisers should attempt to do without a plan. To be successful, a content marketing strategy needs to have all the right pieces in place, and it needs enough time to work. If you are considering launching yourself into the world of content marketing, here is a 5-step plan for success.


5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid With Business Blog Writing

Blogs are a great place for businesses to establish a personality and connect with customers. Business blogs can also be a place where dry, boring, and stuffy content goes to die. In order for your business blog to be successful it has to be something that people want to read. Find success with your business blog writing by avoiding these critical mistakes.


A 5-Point Quality Content Checklist

The idea of quality content has been around since 2011 when Google's Panda Update first hit and sites with bad content were sent to the basement of search engine results. Since then, content providers have had to be on their toes to ensure that everything they create and post is high quality. But what, exactly, does that mean? If you are worried about your content falling short, this five-point checklist will put your mind at ease.


Using Social Media to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Everyone knows that social media is perfect for connecting with customers on a one-to-one basis and on a larger scale. It is also good for promoting content, and occasionally promoting products and services. However, did you know that social media sites can also be the perfect place to grow your email marketing list? Here’s how.


Hyperlocal Content Hits Home for Real Estate Bloggers

Sometimes it feels like you need a personal assistant to keep up with Google’s updates in order to stay on top of the SEO game. The most recent changes favor high quality, informative content over repetitious keywords. How can real estate blog writers still get their local keywords in without being repetitive and provide something useful to buyers? Hyperlocal content is the key.



Professional Writer & Content Management

Research topics and produce copy for small business. Ghostwriting for blogs, webpage copy, newsletters, social media marketing, and email. Topics range from promotional to educational and industries include Marketing & Advertising, HVAC, Property Management, Health & Wellness, Green Living, Cooking & Recipes, and more.

Company: WriteRobin

I worked there from 8/2013 until now

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