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I'm a word nerd with a youthful, whimsical voice. I tend to get fired up about creating cutting-edge content. Currently, I have the privilege of covering and editing content in beauty, lifestyle, food and beverage, home and garden, legal, graphic design, and pet care.

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The Dirt: September To Do's

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Patriotic Planters

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May To Do's in the Garden & Landscape

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Watered Down - Irrigation Systems

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Master Spas Partners with NAZ Children’s Centre in Jamaica to Create a New, Mixed-Ability High Schoo

Thanks to the support of Master Spas, a leading, U.S.-based manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas, a new, mixed-ability high school in Jamaica broke ground earlier this month on the campus of the existing NAZ Children’s Centre elementary school.


Master Spas Teams Up with Ironman for the 2017 World Championships

A selection of Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas that are specifically designed to aid individuals in training for endurance, as well as post-training recovery, will be showcased at the event.


The Best Dog and Puppy Indoor Playpens

From quality to portability, size, and cost, these trusted, top-notch playpens will help you keep your sanity and keep your puppy happy.


15 Adorable Short Haircuts You'll Actually Want to Try

There's something liberating about chopping off ten inches of hair - or maybe that sounds terrifying to you. We sure don't envy the hairdressers who have to dry their clients tears after they’ve opted for a lob.


7 Salon Etiquette Rules You're Probably Breaking

The salon feels like your safe-haven, but what if your behavior is all wrong? Avoid being blacklisted by your stylist with these salon etiquette tips.


5 Strategies for Improving OEM-Dealer Relationships

A strong relationship between an OEM and its dealers is vital for mutually assured success. If challenges such as production issues, product shortages or downturn should arise, OEMs and dealers have to rely on each other to overcome these challenges with customers—and the trust that they can rely on one another must also be there. It’s times like these that having mindshare with dealers is even more crucial and beneficial—especially if your dealers sell multiple brands.


6 Ways to Improve Attendance at Your Next Sales Meeting

Sales meetings can be extremely beneficial for attendees and end customers alike—but not if attendance is low. When planning your next sales meeting, consider these six tips to increase attendance—and therefore the impact—of your sales meeting.


8 Ways to Align Your Incentive Program with Business Goals

Who doesn’t love a little positive reinforcement? Creating incentives for your sales channel can be one of the most effective ways to motivate reps to work hard, sell more of your product and stay engaged with your brand. It’s easy to reward top performers with quick incentives, but that won’t encourage the long-term performance boost that you’re looking for. Incentives without a strategy are as good as a pat on the back—it feels good for a moment, but that feeling is fleeting.


13 Tips for Creating Engaging Training

Training your sales channel is key to ensuring your brand is translated properly, but we often see training programs that take an “everything but the kitchen sink” or “check the box” approach. This may satisfy everyone’s needs, but it can also be overwhelming and frustrating to learners; it peppers them with information they can’t possibly retain and don’t need to successfully perform their role. And ultimately, it causes them to disengage from your brand. Not only is our overall approach differ



Corporate Communications

At Zimmer Biomet, I co-managed the company’s editorial calendar. On a daily basis, I interviewed team members, wrote copy for the site and e-blasts, and developed deadline driven, engaging content from ideation to publication.

Company: Zimmer Biomet

I worked there from 5/2016 until 8/2016


At Kinetic, I focused on writing blogs, white papers, press releases, and buyer guides; developing educational and motivational content for sales teams; administering social media accounts; performing SEO research, and proofing/revising content.

Company: Kinetic Channel Marketing

I worked there from 6/2017 until 4/2018


Hairstyle on Point is a leading hairstyle blog and the largest resource for hairstyle and haircut inspiration for women and men, reaching 4 million people per month.

Company: Hairstyle on Point

I worked there from 12/2017 until now

Editor/Content Assistant

As part of the Content Team, I help execute growth strategies for SureSwift's portfolio of high-traffic websites. To do so, I manage the editorial schedule, as well as conduct total website rewrites. On top of managing blogs, I oversee and implement each site's social media marketing.

Company: SureSwift Capital

I worked there from 4/2018 until now

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