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I'm a wife mother of 3, two  boys and a girl, my girl is my youngest.  My  interest are makeup and helping people.  I have a great deal of knowledge about healthcare insurance.   I was born with a cleft palate and I was bullied for it but I overcome this obstacle. 

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My name is Amy and I guess you can say I am your average middle aged woman.  OK, so were do I begin. lets start with the basics, I've been married for 15 years to my husband, I am a mother of 2 boys (older) and 1 girl (the baby).  I work a normal 9 to 5 job but the only thing different about that is I work remotely which is great because I don't have to get ready to sit in traffic before I start my shift, I can just wake up, start up my computer and start working.




I would take customer's food orders, take their payment and serve them there meals. I would also assist with cleaning and stocking the restaurant.

Company: Burger King

I worked there from 2/1997 until 5/1997

Leadout Groom

I would assist in weighing the gods before the races and cage them. Before the race begins I would walk the greyhounds and if possible collect any urine samples. After we walk the dogs we would make sure the dogs identity was confirmed and we would dress them according to number. afterwards we would walk the dogs to the race box and load them and begin the race. once the race ends we would leash the dog and give them back to their trainer.

Company: Wembly Park

I worked there from 5/1998 until 12/2000

Wheelchair Agent

I would help & assist in providing wheelchair service for elderly and disabled passengers who flew on United Airlines. I would also be a backup to drive a cart on the concourse which consist of take passengers from one gate to the other on the concourse. Another position I would help on is dispatching which I would disburse wheelchair orders to the wheelchair agents to locations where a wheelchair is needed. Lastly I would help in being a supervisor to look over orders and help the dispatcher

Company: Argenbright Security

I worked there from 6/1999 until 12/2000

Animal Care Tech

I would assist in cleaning the animal cages of research animals. My duties would include to observe the health and well being of animals and to make sure they had food and water as well as report any illnesses or injuries.

Company: University of Colorado

I worked there from 12/2000 until 8/2010

Library assistant

I would assist in check books in/out as well as stocking of any books in the correct order.

Company: Devry University

I worked there from 11/2011 until 7/2012

Call Center Rep

I would assist in inbound/outbound calls for people who had an older debt or companies who hired out company to collect on bill debts such as cell phone bills, cable bills etc. My job would be to collect the payments to resolve the debt by either taking balance in full, settlement or set payment arrangements.

Company: South West Credit

I worked there from 6/2012 until 9/2014

Client Liasion

I started as a call center rep to handle inbound calls to assist patients with there medical bills by taking pymts, setting pymt arrangements or offer discounts to settle the bill. We collect insurance info to bill insurance or if there is a problem we will send accts for review. Since I was promoted I review request to either find the solution or send the account to the client to resolve. I can also bill the accounts to insurance but I must confirm insurance was eligible for the date of service

Company: HON

I worked there from 11/2014 until now

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