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Literary author, Latin America-based journalist, alternative pedagogy teacher

About Me

Freelance journalist and writer with 17 years covering social issues and Latin American politics . Previously an international news editor. Author of the novel The Butterfly Prison. Published in: NYT, Common Dreams, Venezuelanalysis, UpsideDownWorld, GreenLeft Weekly, Counterpunch, Matilda, Newcastle Herald, New Internationalist, teleSUR, and more. Degrees in politics (Australia) and pedagogy (Venezuela). Alternative pedagogy teacher promoting imagination in reading and writing, as well as creativity for empowerment and justice. Have lived in Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and now Mexico, and experienced in translations (Span to Eng).

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Tricks to Tackle the Top 10 Hardest Spanish Words to Pronounce

Ah, language barrier misunderstandings. They’re inevitable, sometimes funny, sometimes embarrassing and very often caused by pronunciation problems.


Investigative Report: How Common Is Male Chick Grinding In America?

(Warning: Graphic Video)



Journalist, writer, translator

Company: Freelancer

I worked there from /2016 until now


Advanced research and analysis for journalists, writers, NGOs, marketers, social media businesses and more

Company: Wonder (AskWonder.com)

I worked there from /2016 until now

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