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About Me

I am a SEO content writer, enthusiastic about innovation and I wish to leverage my technical and adaptive writing skills in an entry level position. I have written online product descriptions for commercial properties, as well as news articles of online publications. 

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Nike LunarEpic FlyKnit Shield

When Phil McCartney ascended to the position of global V.P. of sport performance at Nike, he took on the task of restoring the brand to its status as the premiere maker of running shoes. He began by creating a team and dividing it into three interconnected squads. Each squad was assigned a directive to which their respective shoe design must speak. One squad, for example, was focused on McCartney’s “run easy,” initiative, the other two his “run fast,” and “run natural,” initiatives.


1,500-Year-Old Jewelry Found Next to Human Rib in Kent

Burying the dead with their prized possessions was, in many corners of the world of antiquity, a common funerary practice. So do we as modern treasure seekers still have permission to be creeped out when our newly discovered treasure is accompanied by skeletal remains? One man in Stowting, Kent, located in southeast England, may have to wrestle with this question after stumbling upon a great hoard of ancient jewelry . . . and a human rib.


Saint-Gaudens “Family Tree”

Let’s face it, chances are your favorite coin designs have been created or influenced by one man, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Chosen by President Roosevelt to rid the country of the “atrocious hideousness” that plagued the coinage of the time, he’s credited with catalyzing a movement that collectors affectionately refer to as the “Renaissance of American coinage.”


On the Immense Popularity of Sacagawea Dollars in Ecuador

There is, in South America, a curious numismatic trend that challenges our assumptions of what is marketable and what is not. See, the one-dollar coin has historically been a hard sell in the United States. Its incarnations, like the Susan B. Anthony dollar or the Sacagawea dollar, spent very little time in circulation before the American public grew tired of these coins.


Ancient Coin Speaks to Rich History of Hanukkah

Archaeologists have discovered, in the remains of Jerusalem’s Tower of David, an ancient bronze coin commissioned by the Greek tyrant of the Hanukkah story.The medieval citadel, near the Old City of Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate, became home to conservation efforts many decades ago. Exhaustive surveys and thorough excavations, however, did not force this historic site to relinquish all of its secrets. There is still so much to be discovered here.


Treasure Hunter Rescued for 3rd Time

Stories of unlikely treasure discoveries will always awaken our curiosity and evoke excitement. Indeed, in an effort to replicate the good fortune of others, many of us have become adventurers ourselves, scouring the Earth for lost relics with the potential to change our lives. These pursuits can, at times, feel like more trouble than they are worth, but when do you decide to throw in the towel? Well, if you’re as unlucky as the hiker in this story, probably a long time ago.


Is This the End of the Tax Extenders?

Since the creation of the first tax extender provisions in 1988, Congress has been able to forgo the process of actual budgeting as the provisions made costs appear lower in the short term. Is that day coming to an end? Amendments to tax legislation, brought forth by the $680 million bill recently passed by lawmakers, might just signal the end of tax extenders.


Ancient Coins – After Three Years, Excavation of Jersey Hoard Complete

On Sundays friends Reg Mead and Richard Miles would take to the fields of Grouville, in the Bailiwick of Jersey, an island in the United Kingdom, to search for an ancient Celtic Hoard. The hoard had become the stuff of legend, only coming to the men by way of folktale or dream. For three decades their search turned up nothing. These men, however, did not waiver in their commitment. “There was something there that drew us to it,” said Miles.


Watering The Seeds: The Blossoming of Creativity in the Classroom

We tend to think of creativity as an intriguing personality trait, but one that is only useful in practice to the artist or the aimless dreamer. But what if I told you that creativity, not in spite of the due emphasis on the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), is an increasingly essential skill to our children's success, both in school and on the job? Frankly, a non-creative person is an unadaptable person.



Salaried Freelance Writer

Compiled and synthesized information on wide range of products. Wrote product reviews. Uploaded written review to Wordpress complete with images, and external links.

Company: Runner Click

I worked there from 12/2018 until now

SEO Content Writer

Created daily descriptions for online products and advertisements. Authored news articles for online publications. Reviewed and edited existing text, ensuring it is search engine friendly. Using various online product marketing strategies, drove traffic to the website. Several articles ranked among Gainesville Coin’s most viewed and most commented.

Company: Gainesville Coins

I worked there from 11/2014 until 6/2018

Valencia College

Compiled and input empirical data for student financial aid assistance. Coordinated documents and spreadsheets for financial aid verification. Organized and transferred interoffice mail. Provided customer service to a wide population of students and administrators. Communicated with office correspondents on a weekly basis. Maintained and updated documents.

Company: Administrative Assistant

I worked there from 3/2011 until 9/2012

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