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Journalistically-Guided High Performance Content

About Me

My favorite pursuit is the creation of journalistically-driven freelance content on nearly any topic. As a tech, software and health-savvy writer in addition to real estate, general business, and marketing, I help publishers, agencies, start-ups, small and medium companies achieve dramatic results.

With a background divided among journalism, marketing, Internet content creation, curation and PR for small, medium and large companies, my goal is well crafted, properly positioned content, news, and articles.

Surmounting challenging technology and health science is a key strength. My strategic plans include highly effective tactics. I've acquired B2B and B2C experience with high tech, finance, health science, consumer products, real estate, mortgages, and law. My work ethic sets the standard. '

Specialties: Measurable ROI for outbound B2B marketing, and B2B and B2C journalism for first-on-the-web news. I'm skilled in HubSpot inbound marketing, SEO, and social networking.

Whether your need is comprehensive website content overhaul, long-form health or technology article, a simple newsletter or e-mail blast, you've come to the right place.

Recent content work includes a persuasive PowerPoint presentation for a top investment executive; a clear and compelling white paper for the launch of a new blog; a complete B-B website with video and an ongoing weekly blog for the CEO of an industrial automation company. I am a CMS-savvy producer, including Magento and Wordpress with internal SEO

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My Writing Samples

Complete Website Strategy, Tactics and Ongoing Curation

Conceived and built a full website, including all content, in WordPress with a custom theme. News curation is a central feature and includes full marketing automation with the firm's business social networks.


Pro Bono Press Strategy and Announcement

Via Quora, I signed on pro bono to help an award-winning high school student publicize his entrepreneurial non-profit chess academy. "Sharpening your child's mind, one move at a time."


CEO Begins to Blog

Striving for more business, the CEO of a high tech software firm (MES products) gets started with blogging in a strategy to fill the sales funnel with leads from marketing automation.


Oppenheimer Exec Reaches Out to Special Talent Pool

Short but powerful presentation developed to help an Oppenheimer executive recruit customers from a very special pool: high wealth immigrants


The Internet ’s New Gold Rush: Other People’s Content (OPC)

White paper developed to help launch a new web blog, The Shareletter, developed and managed by an entrepreneur. Kudos issued in a LinkedIn recommendation, for quick, error-free writing.


Quora Top Writer, 2018

Although I've been a member since 2010, only recently have I begun to answer questions in earnest. In less than a month I earned Top Writer status and now enjoy >30,000 page views per month.


Dental Implants News Curation

My pro bono curation site since 2011 delivers the best of the best news in dental implants. Subscribers include both dentists and patients. The site's mission to to promote 3D imaging as the standard of care in order for patients to avoid nerve damage from over-eager dentists with insufficient training.


Modern Manufacturing

This is a blog-amplifying curation effort that has been sponsored by clients after my initial development for Industrial Press. Curation sits at the center of a strategy of marketing automation to drive clicks into the sales funnel.


Sarcoma Treatment Barriers are Collapsing

Custom reporting developed for U.C. Davis Medical Center. The article describes highly successful treatment for Sarcoma patients, developed by University of California physicians working as a team



Freelance Journalism for Screen and Paper

NEW: Quora TOP WRITER 2018 S&K is a web-savvy freelance writing, journalism, web content, curation, and marketing company. From strategic website content (including inbound SEO) to blogs, articles and deadline news coverage, we provide strategic and tactical hands-on guidance. Clients range from Fortune 100 to VC-backed startups. We provide every ethical tactic known to man. Current examples: • Endgame-Success.com, a WordPress website that includes fresh curated content daily, via Scoop.it • Shareletter, stealth-mode startup planning to offer strategic and tactical guidance on highly effective marketing exploitation of curated content • SolSemUSA.com, strategic refresh underway, will ultimately include industry news curation via WordPress and Scoop.it and social network marketing automation • R.M. Hoffman Company blog and related content • http://www.calmtg.com/ includes 10 on-point SEO'd articles designed to "find and convert" surfers to customers • VentureBeat, first-on-the-web technology coverage of emerging, disruptive news (http://venturebeat.com/) • Modern Manufacturing Technology - Curation site for breaking news about advances in the vast field of manufacturing science (http://www.scoop.it/t/modern-manufacturing-technology/) • Dental Implants - Curation site for developments of interest to patients and dentists alike. Mission is to achieve standard-of-care status for 3D X-rays that help avoid malpractice (http://www.scoop.it/t/dental-implants)

Company: Shohat & Kahn

I worked there from /1994 until now

Web Content Strategist and Content Curator

HIRE ME via LinkedIn ProFinder Web Content, editorial curation • http://solsemusa.com (strategic refresh with new content daily) • http://www.endgame-success.com (new site expanding weekly) • http://endgame-success.com/exit-news/ (news curation expanding daily) • http://www.rmhoffman.com/blog • http://www.scoop.it/t/modern-manufacturing-technology/ • http://www.scoop.it/t/dental-implants • http://industrialpress.com/

Company: Shohat & Kahn

I worked there from 1/2010 until now

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