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About Me

I am a seasoned writer with 20-plus years of publishing experience which includes 10 traditional print books (If These Walls Could Talk … Tracking The Genealogy Of Your Historic Home, Picton Press 1999; Starting A Publicity Ministry, Warner Press 2001; Living Life After Divorce and Widowhood, Atlantic Publishing 2009; Locating and Profiting from Emerging Real Estate Markets, Atlantic Publishing 2010; and Preventing Foreclosure on Your Home, Atlantic Publishing 2010), three book collaborations; more than 100 ghostwritten books (several of which have gone onto achieve #1 Amazon status in both Kindle and print form); hundreds of ebooks; and 2,000-plus full length feature articles in such notable magazines as First for Women, Complete Woman, Total Health, Your Health, Aspire, Preachers’ Magazine, Journey, Children’s Ministry Magazine, AAA Going Places, Parent Life and Writer’s Digest, among others.

As the owner of a small public relations firm in Philadelphia, I have also had the opportunity to work with hundreds of large and small scale clients such as The Kimberly Clark Corp (Kotex Division), to develop press releases and articles that have appeared in hundreds of additional newspapers, trade publications and websites throughout the nation.    

During the last few years I have continued to work with private clients on a variety of projects including blogging, writing website copy and LinkedIn profiles. 

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Lights Out Lice

It all began with a little itch. I had noticed my daughter scratching the back of her head at suppertime, but thought little more about it until the infamous note came home from school the next day. LICE it read! My first thought was “Ewww!” followed by my second thought, “how in the world are we going to get rid of that?” Little did I realize how much havoc that small itch was about to cause…




Passion fuels success. If you can turn your focus not just on developing a winning public relations strategy, but on the details of its execution, you will win every time. Ideas are great, but making those ideas work is the key to making every project a successful endeavor. As the owner and founder of a thriving public relations firm that worked directly with clients to develop and manage a variety of small to mid-sized PR campaigns, I was able to pitch ideas to all major media outlets

Company: Creative Compositions LLC

I worked there from 1/1991 until now

Public Relations Writer

Always eager to jump into a new experience, I left my position as a news reporter to support the writing staff at CSG as one of their main writers. My major responsibilities while there included writing a variety of client materials including press releases, trade magazine features, columns, etc.

Company: Communications Solutions Group

I worked there from 4/1991 until 11/1999

Freelance Writer

Working as a freelance writer since 1989, I have been privileged to experience the true changes in the publishing industry. Beginning my career at a community newspaper, I moved onto national magazines and book publishing for many years and now concentrate on blogs, website copy and ebooks.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 3/1989 until now

Content I Write