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I am a 20+ year journalist and Emmy Award winning writer/producer. I have written thousands of news articles for major publications. My writing is crisp, concise, and factually-accurate.

I am expert level at SEO and keywords, and hold certifications from Google, Moz, Facebook, Local Marketing Association, and Interactive Advertising Bureau.

In addition, I have a MBA in Business Administration and I have never missed a deadline in my entire career.

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Practical Ways to Cut down Your Customer Acquisition Costs

Estimates are that it costs five times as much to attract new customers rather than keeping an existing one. That number can vary depending on which study you look at, and which industry you are in, but no matter how you slice it, acquiring a new customer is dramatically more expensive than keeping one you already have. It’s a lot less expensive to get people that already like you and like your products to do business with you again.


7 Auto Maintenance Items You Can't Ignore

It’s tempting to put off maintenance or ignore warning lights, but doing so can turn a small maintenance cost into a big repair fee. Here are the seven most common things car dealers suggest you do to avoid major bills (and headaches).


Ways Schools Are Increasing Security to Avoid Mass Shootings

Since the horrific murders of 12 students at Columbine High School in Jefferson County, Colorado in 1999, schools have changed their approach to threats and safety. While many of us grew up with fire drills, tornado drills, or “duck and cover” drills in case of a bomb attack, today’s students train on lockdowns in case of active shooters.


Why You Need to Hire An Experienced Family Attorney

Nobody enters a marriage and thinks things will end up in divorce, arguing about child custody, support, and alimony. When it happens, it’s stressful and frustrating. Let us help make things easier. Our family law attorneys have decades of experience in family law matters to get you the best possible outcome.


The Real Cost of Medical Identity Theft

Medical identity theft is a growing business for bad guys. They want your medical information, such as your insurance card, and couple it with personal information to seek health care or get drugs. Often, the crooks can use your information and you won’t know until it’s too late to do anything about it.


How Kilgore Schools Are Setting the Environmental Tone for the Rest of the Country

Change often starts with our children. As yesterday’s children have become today’s young adults, more of them are environmentally conscious than previous generations. The more we focus on teaching environmental sustainability for young people, the better it will be for all of us. That’s why Pak-Shar created the “BOB” Program (Bag of Bags).


Rehab without a 12-Step Program

Inspire Malibu provides effective rehabilitation treatments that does not use a twelve-step approach. By coupling group addiction therapy with other proven techniques, we provide treatment for those suffering from alcohol and drug dependencies.


What is HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

HGH (Home Growth Hormone) is a protein-based hormones that is produced by the pituitary gland. It’s one of the most important naturally-produced hormones. It impacts bone growth, skeletal muscle, and internal organ growth as the body develops.


8 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

For years, marketers have worked with companies to build their brand. Cementing a brand message into a consumer’s mind makes sure you’ll get a shot at their business when they need your service. Imagine your air conditioner stops working and it’s 95 degrees outside. You’ll head to your computer and do a search for a repair company. You’ll likely click on the first company you see that has a name or brand you already know.


Secrets of the Google 3-Pack

Getting ranked in the Google 3-pack of local businesses has never been more important. With the big shift from desktop to mobile in the past couple of years, it has become easier for local businesses to get featured based on proximity to the mobile user. That opens huge opportunities for local businesses to compete with both national brands and locals that are spending money on paid search.


How to Turn Negative Online Reviews into Positive Ones

It takes a bit of work to clear out negative reviews, but there’s a three-step process that’s effective at dealing with even some of your harshest critics.1. First, address every negative comment online, but take the conversation offline.2. Come to a resolution with the customer.3. Ask them to remove the negative comment, or to edit it in a positive light.


Programmatic Advertising in the Broadcast Industry

It used to be easy. Call up the newspaper and get them to run an ad. People see it, come to your store, and buy your stuff. In today’s fractured consumer environment and rapidly changing advertising market, there are more choices than ever before. Change, it seems, is the new normal. Perhaps the hottest growing segment of advertising and marketing is online programmatic advertising. Here are some of the key trends to look for in programmatic advertising.


Executive Office Rentals Can Save You Money

Renting executive offices can be a great way to keep expenses down since you are paying only for what you need and what you use, while sharing costs with others in a shared office facility. It’s almost impossible to lease or buy exactly the square footage you need. You will more likely end up with more space than you need in case you need to expand in the future. That means you’re paying now for space you don’t currently need! Executive office rentals are scalable, which means you’re paying


Five Reasons Your Recruiting Sucks

Hiring is a courtship. The best candidates have to be convinced that your company is a place they want to work. It takes time and effort to find them now. Often the best hires are people hard at work now and not looking for a new job. That’s tough when most company recruitment is still based on the old model where you post jobs and wait for resumes to be submitted.


New Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 uses what it calls ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) to prevent phishing attacks. However, sophisticated office 365 phishing attacks have found multiple ways to get through this layer of security. Office 365 email security also uses URL Reputation Check and Safe Links to provide protection. It uses a database of known bad actors to prevent phishing emails from getting through to your inbox. That can help prevent email from known phishing URLs but won’t stop phishing email


Whitepaper: Tabletop Exercise Puts Your Incident Response Plans to the Test

For most organizations, it’s not a matter of if you will be a target of a breach attempt. It’s a matter of when. In the U.S. alone, there were more than 1,200 reported breaches in 2018. More than 446 million records were exposed. These are just what was reported. Business is the most impacted, accounting for 91% of exposed records. Analysts estimate the global cost of cyber crime has now reached as much as $600 billion annually. That’s approaching 1 percent of the world’s GDP (Gross Domes


7 Ways Executive Coaching Can Help

It wasn’t that long ago that people associated “Executive Training” with corrective actions for a problem Executive. Thousands of businesses now recognize Executive Coaching as a way to develop and build leadership skills for top performers. This allows senior business leaders to realize their potential and grow their company. Startups and blue-chip companies alike are investing in Executive Coaching. Companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, and General Electric think it is so important that...


If Your Brand Speaks Out, Will People Listen?

What does your company stand for? For years, companies tried to stay neutral in the court of public opinion, especially when it came to controversial subjects. In today’s volatile political landscape, it seems like everything has political connotations and it’s a significant risk to weigh in on one side or the other. However, it’s paying off for some companies that take the time to really understand their customers.


If You’ve Got a Tax Lien, the IRS Can Withhold Your Security Clearance

If you have a tax problem, it will not get better with age. In fact, the longer you wait, the more penalties that may apply. If that’s not enough of a concern, it can also cost your job – or keep you from getting hired. You could also be denied access to government facilities. More than 5 million Americans have jobs that require security clearance. You can be denied security clearance because of a tax lien or other tax issues.


Why VoIP is A Better Solution than Landlines

o you know anybody that is happy with the amount of money they pay and the quality of service from their local telephone company? If they are still using traditional phone service from a local phone company, they are paying more than half to pay. Switching to VoIP software can cut down expenses by 50% or more, eliminate costly per-minute and long-distance fees, and reduce your dependence on phone company services.


10 Tools to Make Your Digital Marketing Easier

Are you fully optimizing your digital marketing efforts? To scale your marketing, you’ve got to embrace automation in 5 key areas: Keyword Research Topic Ideation SEO Analytics Social Sharing Email Personalizatio


What’s Involved in Getting a Small Business Loan?

What is loan underwriting? It’s the step between applying for funding and receiving your capital. We’ll walk you through small business loan underwriting guidelines as well as the process. The business loan underwriting process can seem overwhelming if you haven’t done it before. Think about all the paperwork you did for the first car or first home you bought and the choices you had to make: which lender to use, how much money to put down, or the impact of varying interest rates. You’ll have s


10 Reasons Recruiters Need to Think Like Salespeople

Few recruiters would call themselves salespeople, but sales skills and sales techniques are central to their success. Strong organization and sales skills are what separates the good recruiters from the elite. Yet when it comes to recruitment training, there’s little attention paid to sales training. Effective recruitment training for consultants and recruiters will teach sales techniques that can significantly improve results.


Geofencing Ethics in a Post-GDPR/CCPA World

Consumers are becoming more aware of privacy concerns when it comes to how companies handle their data. Nearly a third of all internet users now report using some form of an ad blocker. 9 out of 10 people agree that they have lost control over how their personal information is collected and used by businesses. Regular news about the misuse of data and data breaches has only increased awareness. It’s led to new legislation, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Calif


A Triple Play for SMBs: Save Money, Increase Efficiency, and Transform Your Business

Nearly every business and industry are undergoing a digital transformation. In an attempt to keep up with the speed of business or gain a competitive advantage, it’s simply become a necessity. The stakes are high. Ignoring emerging tech or getting it wrong could cost you your job or impact your organization’s survival. If your competitors figure it out before you do, you may lose ground quickly.


How to Build a Remote Email Marketing Team

Times have changed. Technology and connectivity now allow teams to work remotely, yet collaboratively. In a tight labor market, it allows you to expand the potential pool of workers by eliminating the geographic restrictions. It can be attractive to knowledge workers to work where they want and can cut down on overhead at businesses. When it comes to marketing, a distributed team can be an effective and efficient way to grow your business if you take the steps you need to make it work.


Effective Stress Management Techniques for Executives

Stress in the workplace may be unavoidable. Deadlines, sales quotas, budgets, fear over job security, and performance worries can all lead to anxiety at times even in great companies. As a leader, it’s crucial that recognize the signs of stress and take action to prevent it from becoming a problem. The Australian Medical Association reports that stresses revolving around a lack of control over the work environment place strain on the cardiovascular and immune systems. Failing to manage that


How Can the Profitability Index Help my Business?

If you’re evaluating the potential of capital investments, the profitability index can help. We’ll show you how to calculate the index and what it means. How To Find the Profitability Index Businesses use the profitability index when they are evaluating capital expenditures and projects. Using the profitability index and a profitability calculator, we’ll show you how to appraise potential capital projects.


When is it Time to Switch to Cloud Computing?

The digital transformation of enterprises is driving an unprecedented adoption of cloud services. Already, 96% of businesses are already using some form of cloud computing. By 2020, 83% of all enterprise workloads are expected to use the cloud.


10 Cold Email Best Practices that Get Results

Every day, the average office worker will receive 121 email messages. Top executives can easily get twice that number. It’s all part of an internet ecosystem that sees nearly 300 billion emails floating across cyberspace eachday. With all that email hitting inboxes, it is easy to think that B2B email campaigns aren’t going to work. Yet, it does if it’s done right.


7 Ways AI is Changing How We Communicate

rtificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we communicate. From Siri to Alexa, voice-enabled devices have evolved the way people talk to their devices. Chatbots, omnichannel communications, and targeted marketing campaigns have changed how customer interact with businesses.


Why You Might Need a Working Capital Line of Credit

No matter how successful your business, there may come a time when you need some extra cash. Here’s everything you need to know about working capital lines of credit and why you need one. When you’re running a small business, you keep a close eye on cash flow. Your income can vary month-to-month but many of your expenses are fixed. There may be a lag between when you extend services and when you get paid. However, you’ve got payroll, rent, inventory, and other costs that can’t be postponed.


Keys to Digitally Transforming Your Business Communications

In today’s world, digital transformation is rapidly becoming a necessity. When it comes to business processes, tech can provide efficiencies that would otherwise be unattainable. Customer Communications Technology is especially important in an era where customers expect nearly instant answers to any inquiry they make across any communication channel (and at any time of day or night). Without the right tech in place, it would be impossible to meet customers’ demands let alone provide a superio


How Retailers Can Track Online Content Conversion to Offline Sales

Advertising and marketing your retail business can either be a financial drain or the key to your success. “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – Businessman John Wanamaker When Wanamaker made those statements, he didn’t have access to today’s tools to track advertising effectiveness and track online content to offline sales. In today’s digital world, you can test marketing solutions to optimize effectiveness. You can measure which conten


Overcoming Gaps In Your Health Marketing Campaigns

We’ve come a long from doctors making house calls in their starched white long coats and their black medical bags. Now, consumers are doing their own in-home diagnosis by searching online. Before many patients will connect with healthcare facilities, they’ve already searched for symptoms and information.


Web 3.0: How the Spacial Web Is About to Change Everything

The internet put information at our fingertips. It changed the way we search for things and the way we communicate. It almost seems difficult to remember when we didn’t have a cell phone in our pockets or purses that connected us to this treasure trove. The next phase of development is set to change things again. The Web 3.0


The Security Risks of Outsourcing Your Data Labeling

AI project teams using large amounts of data with detailed labeling requirements can be up against the clock. The tools, manpower, and QA for maintaining precision can be a challenge. It’s easy to understand why outsourcing is preferred by most project teams. Outsourcing allows you to focus on core tasks. When it comes to seeking a data labeling service provider, you need to be wary. There’s a big difference in how data security is handled. You can’t afford to take a risk.


Ford Unveils SYNC 4 with Improved Interface and Double the Processing Speed

Larger screens, split screens, adaptive dash cards, and wireless options: those are the headlines on Ford’s new SYNC 4 infotainment center. It’s set to launch on new vehicles in 2020, but the automaker hasn’t announced which vehicles or committed to launch dates. New graphics will power the new system. Combined with twice the computing power of its SYNC 3 system, it should be highly responsive and faster than previous iterations.


The 2019 Dodge Ram wins North American Truck of the Year

The all-new for 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 was crowned North American of the Year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 beat out other finalists for the prestigious award, including the redesigned 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500. It was the second time the Ram 1500 won the honor. It previously won North American Truck of the Year in 2013.


6 Things Not To Do After An Auto Accident

You’ve been in an accident and you know what to do. You make sure everybody is OK and call the police for help or to file a report. But do you know what not to do? What Not To Do If You Are In An Auto Accident Don’t leave the scene. Until police show up and clear the scene, you need to stick around. Leaving could be considered hit and run and lead to criminal charges. Don’t leave without getting information. You will want to exchange insurance information with those involved. If there are


Beware the Hidden Costs in App Development

When you’re thinking about building and launching an app, one of the first thing you’ll want to know is how much it’s going to cost. It’s a logical question, but the answer is complex. That’s because costs will vary greatly depending on the app itself and the functionality. The more complex the app, the more features it has, and the length of times it takes to develop will all impact development costs. Defining a clear project scope upfront will help you determine the costs to develop your a


Creature Feature: Northern Elephant Seals

If you haven’t seen one of these northern elephant seals up close, you might not realize how big they really are. They can grow to be 14 feet long and can weigh more than 2 tons. They come ashore for a couple of months each year and can attract a lot of attention as they flop around on land.


Using Robots to Explore the Ocean Floor

They are called ROV’s. Remotely operated vehicles are unmanned robotic vehicles that allow scientists to study and explore the ocean floor. The ROVs are tethered to ships and guided by operators on the surface using joysticks and computer controls. This allows crews to stay safe on the surface while images are transmitted from down below.


What is the Red Tide Invading Florida?

When colonies of algae grow out control, the consequences can be harmful to people, the economy, and marine life. Red Tide is just such a harmful algae bloom. Technically a bloom of Karenia brevis, this microscopic phytoplankton emits toxins that can kill fish and can be dangerous to humans when ingested in shellfish. The blooms can discolor the water, making it appear red or reddish-brown, and make air around water difficult to breathe.


Protect Your Business and Your Employees with Contractor Insurance

Date: June 29, 2018 Author: Paul Dughi — Edit Construction and contracting companies face unique risks. Whether a sole proprietor, a small business, or a big company, the work itself can be dangerous and risky. Not only can workers get injured on the job, but you may be held liable for the workmanship and damage from errors.


If My Homeowner’s Insurance Is Canceled, Can I Lose My Home?

If you own your home and don’t have a mortgage, there’s no legal requirement to have homeowner’s insurance. While it’s a really bad idea to go without, you could decide to self-fund any damages or losses that occur. However, if you have a mortgage on your home, your financial institution will require you to have homeowner’s insurance. This is true in Huntington Beach CA or anywhere you get a loan. The lender is using the home’s value as collateral to protect their investment in case of a loss.


Why you need to hire an EXPERIENCED family law attorney

Nobody enters a marriage and thinks things will end up in divorce, arguing about child custody, support, and alimony. When it happens, it’s stressful and frustrating. Let us help make things easier. Our family law attorneys have decades of experience in family law matters to get you the best possible outcome. Why hire an experienced family law attorney?


HIPAA Employee Confidentiality Agreements: What You Need to Know

HIPAA Privacy Rules require that employers train all employees on the security and usage of confidential medical and patient information as it pertains to their job. “A covered entity must train all members of its workforce on the policies and procedures with respect to protected health information required by this subpart, as necessary and appropriate for the members of the workforce to carry out their function within the covered entity” – HIPAA Rules This means it is your responsibility as a


Will background checks uncover warrants?

There are several types of warrants that can be issued. Whether they will show up on a background check depends on the specific circumstances. In most cases, if it is a warrant issued by a judge, or as part of a court proceeding, it will be available as part of the public record. If it was issued by law enforcement, it may show up in a background check, but most likely will not.


The Effects of Scoliosis on Daily Life and How a Chiropractor Can Help Reduce Its Effects

Scoliosis can be a progressively painful disease that can impact the quality of your life and cause pain. Scoliosis pain management in the form of drugs can range from over the counter medications to serious pain killers that can inhibit your daily life.


Dealing with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

What Is COPD? COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is an inflammatory lung disease that manifests itself by obstructing the airflow from your lungs and can make it difficult to breathe. COPD Symptoms COPD symptoms don’t typically occur until significant damage to the lungs has already happened. The condition gets worse over time without treatment. Shortness of breath Wheezing Tightness in the chest Excess mucus Chronic cough which may have mucus discharge Lack of energy Frequent respi


Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas and Ticks in 4 Simple Steps

Keeping Your Pets Safe From Fleas and Ticks Make sure your pets get a regular examination and stays on a prescribed dosage of flea and tick prevention medication. Pets are susceptible to flea and tick infestations at any time of the year regardless of the weather, so a year-round prevention regimen is essential. Do a regular check of your pets for ticks, especially if you have recently been in tall grass or wooded areas around Orange County or elsewhere.


9 Health Concerns for Large Breed Dogs

What’s not to love about large breed dogs? We love them and they love us Large breeds like Labrador Retrievers, St. Bernard’s, English Sheep Dogs, Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Rottweilers, Irish Wolfhounds, and the like have their own special needs. Some of them will weigh more than 200 pounds and grow up to 3 feet tall. These giant balls of fur can give a lot of affection, but they also have their own set of health worries. Here are the 9 h


Whitepaper: Windows Server 2008 is EOL. It’s Time to Migrate to Azure

Windows Server 2008 Is EOL If you’re still running Windows Server 2008, you’re running out of time to act. Microsoft officially declared the product EOL (End-of-Life) in January 2015. Now the company will end all support for the product in January 2020. There will be no new features, no fixes, no access to critical security updates, and no support. This opens up your systems to the potential of business interruptions, security attacks, or failure to meet compliance standards. That’s may sti


Whitepaper: How to Select a Pen Test Vendor

You can’t stop what you don’t know. Penetration testing probes for holes in your security. Using ethical hacking methods, pen tests will evaluate your systems and environment the way hackers would. By going beyond what your internal resources can do, it provides an objective assessment by experienced professionals to stay a step ahead of the bad guys. The risks are high and so are the costs. Billions of dollars are being lost to data breaches worldwide. That doesn’t include loss of reputati


Whitepaper: How Omnichannel Ready Are You?

We studied more than a thousand businesses and what we found is disturbing. In this white paper, we will show you the unvarnished results and explain why it is costing you money and customers. We will also provide you a solution that will set your business apart from your competitors and attract (and retain) customers. In a digitally-connected world, customers expect nearly instant answers to their questions regardless of which channel they use to get it. In this key area of customer service


How Late Payments on Utility, Medical, Phone Will Impact Your Credit Score

If you don’t pay your credit card bills on time, it can hurt your credit score. What you may not know is that other than credit card bills, late payments on other bills may also impact your credit. Here are three overriding things to remember regarding any late payments:


The 11 Traits of Successful Sales People

Sales is about connecting with people, gaining their trust, and finding the right solution to solve their problems or fill a need. That goes beyond being a people person that can talk to anyone or simply being enthusiastic. How To Be A Good Salesperson Being a great salesperson takes a combination of skills and discipline. While each sales person may have a different style and approach, the best sales people share these common traits.


JFrog’s $165M Funding Round Leads to Billion Dollar Valuation

It’s a major milestone that makes for headlines. JFrog has now exceeded the billion-dollar valuation mark. “We are north of $1 billion already,” Shlomi Ben Haim, JFrog’s CEO and Co-Founder, told TechCrunch. “We are building the company to generate the revenue to justify it.” Those comments came on the heels of a $165 million Series D late-stage venture round. The latest round was spearheaded by Insight Venture Partners. As part of the announcement, Jeff Horing, Insight’s Managing Director a


Clear, Hertz Team up to Make Airport Travel Easier

Business travelers know that the less time you can spend in the airport, the better. Now, biometric scanning is attempting to make things easier to avoid the lines at airports when checking in and renting a car. Biometric ID company Clear has been using biometric data to get travelers through airports faster. Scanning eyes or fingertips for identification has helped speed things up for business travelers that subscribe to its service in some 35 airports.


How to Find a Body Shop to Handle Your Repairs

Your insurance company may suggest a particular body shop to handle the repairs, but you are not required to take it there. They recommend these shops because they have a relationship with them. That means they are working for the insurance company to save them money rather than working with you to save you money.


Case Study: How AI Can Grow Profitability in the Transportation Industry

A Case Study How one road transportation company used AI to automate its truck scheduling function, beat the industry-average loaded ratio, and grew its bottom line. The Problem The faster companies grow, the more complex logistics become. When you’re racking up nearly 500 million kilometers (310 million miles) a year with your fleet of 4,300 truck-trailers, efficient logistics is a priority.


10 Reasons Recruiters Need to Think Like Salespeople

Date: May 7, 2020 Author: Paul Dughi — Edit Few recruiters would call themselves salespeople, but sales skills and sales techniques are central to their success. Strong organization and sales skills are what separates the good recruiters from the elite. Yet when it comes to recruitment training, there’s little attention paid to sales training. Effective recruitment training for consultants and recruiters will teach sales techniques that can significantly improve results. Here are some of the


Building Collaborative Teams for Better Customer Experiences

It was the philosopher Aristotle that said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” He may have been speaking about how ancient cultures have worked together, but he might as well have been talking about today’s business environment. When teams work together, they can create better products than individuals. It’s a fact: collaborative teams perform five times better. However, that only works when team members share a common goal.


How To Create Email Sequences That Convert

An email sequence is a series of emails that are automated to engage your potential customers. These emails are triggered when prospects take specific actions or at pre-set intervals. Trigger-based Emails You can set customized rules to respond to actions differently based on how and where prospects interact. Sending you a direct email might get one of several responses depending on the content. For example, someone asking a question about pricing might get a rate sheet or a link for a custo


Adapting Your Business Plan During the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s amazing how quickly things have changed. In many places, schools and stores are closed, restaurants are only serving carryout, people are practicing social distancing, and people are nervous. It’s impacted the way we work, play, shop, and socialize. As a business leader, it can be easy to focus on what’s happening right now. It’s important. However, the steps you take now to take care of your customers and employees will set the stage for the future. Communicate Internally and Externa



Director, Special Projects

Manage special projects and digital initiatives for gorup of television stations in 11 markets nationwide.

Company: Allen Media Broadcasting

I worked there from 8/2021 until 8/


Digital marketing agency with deep expertise in content strategy, development, and SEO.

Company: StrongerContent.com

I worked there from 3/ until now

Vice-President and General Manager

I work with hundreds of brands annually helping them grow their business. This includes marketing and advertising on digital and broadcast television. I manage all aspects of Marketing, News, Sales, Digital, Operations, Production, Programming, IT, and Engineering.

Company: WAAY-TV (ABC) & Pulse Local Digital Marketing

I worked there from 1/2014 until 8/2020


Oversaw operations of 6 television stations and multi-state digital marketing agency

Company: Cowles California Media Company & C3 Communications

I worked there from 1/2008 until 1/2014

Vice-President of Technology

Oversaw technology for multi-market operations. Also served as VP/General Manager for KNDO and KNDU (NBC) television stations.

Company: KHQ, Inc.

I worked there from 1/2000 until 12/2008

VP & Executive Director

Served as consultant, trainer, and coach for more than 20 television stations. Worked with Executive Management on marketing, image, news, promotion, and branding. Also served as VP of The Producing School at The Broadcast Image Group, leading group training sessions for Senior Manager, Mid-Career Professionals, and Executive Management teams.

Company: The Broadcast Image Group

I worked there from 1/1997 until 12/2000

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I have yet to find a topic that Paul Dughi can't properly research and write about in an expert fashion. From broadcasting to government to tech to sports, the man is a human encyclopedia of knowledge. It's very simple---if you want things done right, and a finished product that you and your clients can proud of, hire Paul. I've never seen him not meet a challenge---he's a good man to have on your side--a complete professional upon whom you can always rely.

Kevin Uretsky, FiOS1 News

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Paul is an excellent freelance writer who is able to produce quality content efficiently and within tight timelines. He has strong research skills and reliable. His ability to write on a diverse amount of topics really sets him apart. I would recommend Paul to anyone looking to hire a freelance writer, he is always a pleasure to work with.

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Paul Dughi has been a copywriter for our agency for more than a year. He is an excellent writer. He thinks strategically and does research to deliver high-quality work. When possible he goes above and beyond our requirements. Our clients love his work. He is also a great communicator, makes our deadlines, and is a joy to work with. We highly recommend working with Paul.

Sheila Kloefkorn, KEO Marketing Inc