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About Me

I’m a wee cog in the global gig economy, freelancing from the hills of Vermont.

My wordsmithing includes writing, editing, and research. Writing is something I’ve been doing in a variety of capacities for my entire adult life. From journalism to creative writing, contract writing to general business writing, it’s long been part of my reality.

My work history also includes extensive copyediting experience in a variety of fields. Some of this work has been for major publishers such as Oxford University Press, the Gale Group, and Rowman & Littlefield. In addition, I’ve worked as a journalist, campaign staffer, labor union officer, and skilled tradesperson over the years.

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My Writing Samples

The Drive to Classify Art Movements

The urge to create art is as deeply embedded in human history as the drive to make tools or migrate over the horizon. It is one of the primal acts that make Homo sapiens human.


Working On the Largest of Canvasses

Art is usually on the human scale. It’s of a size that relates to the human body, which is handy because it also means that most artwork will fit neatly on a wall or in a viewing room in an art gallery.


Spirits From a Working Landscape

The logo of Caledonia Spirits is the honeybee. This not only hints at the key ingredient of its award-winning Barr Hill brands but also symbolizes its practical and spiritual bond with the Vermont working landscape.


A History of Fine Art Photography

The cityscapes of Henri Cartier-Bresson, the disturbing insights into the different captured by Diane Arbus, Robert Mapplethorpe’s haunting images of beauty in forms sublime and controversial, and the iconic portraiture of Yousuf Karsh — they are not only icons of modern art, but images burnt into the popular cultural landscape.


A Distinguished, Old Blend Returns

Towards the end of their careers, three industry pros came together to found The Last Drop, a brand that does not distil its own drink but instead finds long-lost gems that are ready to be brought to the marketplace. One of their latest releases, the sixth in their collection, is another hidden treasure from the past.


The Geopolitical Position of Syria: A Key Element Inside the Conflict

The geopolitics of modern-day Syria and its current civil war are rooted in the decisions made by European powers in the early twentieth century. These laid out the geopolitical foundations that current events play out upon. Since its creation, Syria has been a nation state surrounded by more powerful countries; these nation states have regularly ignored the sanctity of Syria’s borders, leaving it vulnerable to regional conflicts exacerbating its internal politics.


Sustainability Consulting in the Healthcare Sector (Medical Waste Plan)

Medical waste is one of the most expensive types of trash. Those red biohazard garbage bags? Budget busters. They cost up to 17 times more to dispose of than regular garbage or recycling.


Getting to Alaska Can Be an Adventure Too

A travel adventure in Alaska is pretty self-explanatory. But what about getting to Alaska in the first place? The typical way is flying, but if you have the time, there’s another way that might be the prologue to the Alaska adventure.


The Philadelphia Convention and the Creation of the American Government

What we now consider the normal framework of American government was painstakingly developed and debated at the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Two men who played prominent roles in creating the American form of government were Virginia’s James Madison and New York’s Alexander Hamilton.


10 Sculpture Parks Not To Be Missed

Any listing of the world’s top sculpture parks will be inherently narrow and arbitrary. Should parks that display the widest and finest collection of sculptures take precedence? Or sculpture parks that are most powerfully incorporated into the natural surroundings in which they are set? Or parks that most forcefully display the works of a single important artist?



Editorial and Production Staff page of Oxford University Press's "Encyclopedia of African American History" on which I'm credited under the Copyeditors section.



A few scanned articles from the "way back machine" when I covered politics in Vermont, including Bernie Sanders' tenure as mayor of Burlington.



Freelance Writer / Copyeditor / Researcher

Writing, copywriting, editing, fact-checking, and researching. Specialization in the copyediting of bibliographies, reference lists, and citations (CMS and APA).

Company: Freelance Writer / Copyeditor / Researcher

I worked there from /2001 until now

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