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English tea drinker loves to write

About Me

My name is Hannah and I'm a freelance writer from the UK. Hello! I specialise in SEO and content writing. I do have some topics I know more which include;

However I love to research as I love to learn. I've written about African fashion through to Cypriot citizenship!

In my non-writing life I am a mother to two children, who I have successfully kept alive for 11 and 4 years, however ever day brings a new risk. We have two rescue cats and a hyperactive dog. He brings an increased risk of death on a daily basis to the household.

We travel to Rome once a year, simply because we're in love with the city. I used to have numerous hobbies that included horse riding, reading and the cinema, however we have decided to buy a house to renovate so now I'm either working, laying floors or feeding my children. It turns out they have to be fed three times a day!

I love to write. I think it's amazing what words can deliver. Words are designed to deliver, whether it be an emotion or possibly an understanding. Words give so much. I love that everything I write delivers something new to the world.

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My Writing Samples

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Freelance Writer

I am a freelance writer operating under my business name "Lancashire Freelancer". I mostly write content for websites.

Company: Lancashire Freelancer

I worked there from 9/2016 until now

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