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Technical Writer | UX | Pharmaceutical | Mental Health

About Me

I'm a technical writer looking to work with organizations who offer solutions and empower end-users.

I create documentation using UX writing principles that incite confident action. Don't fall into complacency because you "just make it work." There's room to innovate, improve, and expand past what you've perceived as limitations.

It's scary, isn't it? To be that one person to put in more effort while others focus on the profit margins?

Do it anyway.

If you're resonating with what I'm saying, then please feel free to reach out!

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

Map the Story: How I Translate Nebulous Ideas into Plot

You have the images, the music, the climax, and the ending all wrapped in a bow. But when it comes time to actually get that vision onto paper, this glass wall refracts your ideas into something that vaguely resembles them.


Biotech Services Blog Post

I created this blog post for an Upwork client for a biotech CRO.



Technical Support Specialist

Provide technical expertise to small-business clients (x < 250 employees) on cloud-based software (Microsoft Office 365) Create end-user documentation to walk users through troubleshooting issues

Company: nfrastructure

I worked there from 7/2018 until 11/2018

Lab Assistant

Provided lab support for small-scale investigations for upstream processes

Company: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

I worked there from 4/2017 until 4/2018

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Assessed student performance in following courses: Biomaterials, Biomedical Fluid Mechanics, and Introduction to Engineering Design

Company: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

I worked there from 1/2016 until 12/2016

Graduate Research Assistant

Developed lab techniques and worked with perfusion bioreactors

Company: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

I worked there from 8/2015 until 8/2016

Technical Document Writer

Primary Role Duties: • Generated over 100 qualification documentation packages to customers (including but not limited to equipment qualification protocols, results, and deviations), using Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Acrobat • Apply working knowledge of FDA, ISPE, ICH, and ISO requirements Additional Duties: • Develop new training materials via video scripts and SOP edits

Company: Ellab Validation & Monitoring Solutions

I worked there from 12/2018 until 1/2022

Content Creator

Create posts on storytelling methods in the written medium, both fiction and nonfiction. Create episode scripts to analyze methods in different mediums of storytelling.

Company: The Lapis Lounge

I worked there from 3/2012 until now

Content I Write