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Your vision, in terms so clear that customers, employees, and investors see it as vividly as you do.

About Me

I'm a Boston-based writer specializing in brand messaging and web content. By focusing on clarity, simplicity, and specificity, I am able to articulate businesses' distinctive strengths in the space it already takes them just to explain what they do.

To me, it seems many businesses run polished (and expensive) marketing campaigns but never give their websites and sales materials a second look. Outreach is wasted without strong messaging to follow it up. I work at the core of companies' brands, ensuring they're delivering their messages as powerfully as possible in as few words as possible.

Unlike most writers on this site, I don't focus on particular industries. That's because my outsider's perspective is one of my most powerful tools as a copywriter. People embroiled in an industry start to rely on industry jargon and make assumptions about what people do and don't know. I prefer to approach a project as clients and consumers do--with minimal background in the field, excited by new ideas and ready to be drawn in.

Industries I Write About


Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

Web Content, Startup

Full web content for a technical writing firm with an unconventional business model.


Philosophy of Work, Consultant

Brand messaging & introductory content for adviser to medical device executives on quality and regulatory affairs. Outline of 'Philosophy of Quality' and value proposition.




Brand development and copywriting firm for small businesses and startups.

Company: Lucidity Branding

I worked there from 11/2017 until now

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