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About Me

I've played with language as an avid reader and writer for my entire life. My passions vary from Personal Experience to Recipes and in-depth looks into different scientific domains. I love to learn while I'm writing, and reading scientific journals and studies don't scare me one-bit!

I love cooking, reading, art of various sorts, and I am a new mom.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Food Advertising Towards Children

An article about the food industry's various advertising tactics towards our most sensitive population: Children.


Hug A Farmer!

A case study on a small farmer and his life of semi-self-sustenance. Originally written as a project.


Spicy Thai Vegetable Soup (For the Soul)

An original recipe for a Spicy Thai soup, with a few tips and instructionals


Sourdough Ciabatta (And some Bread Theory)

A recipe for Sourdough Ciabatta bread, as well as some bread theory to help the novice.


How To (Not) Be Healthy

An article on how to improve both your physical and mental health


Doing it Wrong: Motherhood

A personal and frank piece geared towards new parents and the importance of self confidence, as well as being easy on yourself.



Freelance Writer

Writing on various topics as they come up, including food recipes, personal experiences, health and fitness, parenting, fringe topics, feminism

Company: private

I worked there from 1/2011 until now


Baking all of the tastiest delicacies in a small bakery in Toronto

Company: Second Nature Bakery

I worked there from 6/2016 until 8/2017


Factory work involving various types of machining requiring stamina and attention to detail.

Company: Stegg Machining

I worked there from 6/2015 until 5/2016

Content I Write