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Program Support (Summer Intern) - Entrepreneurship Programs at PICS Society

About Me

I am currently a 5th year student at the University of British Columbia, finishing a Bachelor of Arts in Honours Economics and International Relations. I have extensive writing and editing experience, which includes content writing/editing for an Indian NGO, creating social media posts for a student organization, being a senior editor for a university economics journal, travel blog writing about meeting Internet friends, editing course-related materials by an economics professor, and editing academic works by university students. My recognized works include a published economics paper in the Undergraduate Economic Review, two blog articles on the Student Life Network, and a winning travelogue on Enchanting Travels.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Is There Really a Foreign Language Premium in Canada?: Evaluating the Foreign Language Effect...

This economics paper finds a 2.84% wage penalty for Canadians who know a foreign language and an even greater penalty for Canadians who use these languages at work. I proceed to decompose the results by language and occupation to find varying results. I also attempt to use a religion proxy to see whether it changes a foreign language's wage effects with mixed results.


Dear Reader Travelogue

Winning travelogue for the Enchanting Travels Travel Writer Award 2017, exploring my 2016 travel experiences in Europe and India.


Language Learning 101: A 4-Step Guide to Mastering Any Foreign Tongue

My first blog article for the Student Life Network on how to learn a language.



Senior Editor

This position entails being part of the editorial team of an undergraduate economics journal at the University of British Columbia. As a senior editor, I am assigned a junior editor as one team to review different economics papers submitted to the journal and to assess which papers make it to the next round. I am also tasked with making line edits for each stage while ensuring that the junior editor is on task to the same.

Company: IONA Journal of Economics.

I worked there from 1/2018 until 4/2018

Note Editor

This position involved cleaning up, improving, and formatting content from the rough notes of an International Trade course. I was responsible for highlighting editing changes for the economics professor while creating new versions of notes to send. I was also tasked with summarizing parts of academic papers or other relevant documents to be included in these class notes.

Company: The University of British Columbia (for an Economics Professor)

I worked there from 8/2017 until 11/2017

Sandbox Startups (The Deshpande Foundation)

With this Indian NGO, I was responsible for a variety of different tasks. On the communications end, I assisted the Social Media Strategist with assignments concerning content writing, graphic art, and public audience numbers. I also created website, blog, newsletter, and email content while assisting the team in editing reports, documents, and press releases for spelling and grammatical errors.

Company: Research and Communications Intern

I worked there from 7/2016 until 12/2016

Program Support (Canada Summer Jobs Internship)

Supported the event planning of the 10th Annual Mega Job Fair & Business Expo, where I was mainly tasked with maintaining the website both for web development and content. I was also responsible for attracting local businesses to be potential exhibitors via phone, email, and in-person correspondence. Finally, I had a couple opportunities to create advertorials for major newspapers in Vancouver.

Company: Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society

I worked there from 5/2017 until 8/2017

Social Media Coordinator

In this student organization, I was mainly responsible for contributing to social media and outreach initiatives to promote the organization's events. As the Social Media Coordinator, I maintained a consistent social media presence that pertained to informing the public on any subject matter relevant to bettering society in a multitude of ways. I also prepared a transition document for the next Coordinator.

Company: IdeasXchange Organization (formerly Values in Perspective)

I worked there from 12/2014 until 12/2015

Content I Write