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About Me

After a long career that has waxed and waned through the migration of journalism and public relations to the Internet and social media, I've decided to stop managing, coordinating, cajoling, and handling clients, employees, the media, and the occasional boss to focus on what has always been my core competency.


The ability to shape perceptions, to educate, to sell ideas, products and services by cobbling together words/headlines/sentences/ paragraphs/stories is what really has lighted my fire all these years.

From my first by-line at my first newspaper job, when I pounded out (literally) late breaking crime stories on deadline, to a multi-page website where I introduced a new technology for business communications, it’s been all about wordsmithing.

So, if you’re looking for a writer who can write long form or short form and can even come up with posts that are noticed, read, and shared, I’m your person.

 I have extensive experience in developing and delivering integrated communications programs for a variety of organizations—from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies--in a variety of industries including food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, personal care products, travel and tourism, telecom and energy.

My most recent experience has been in telecommunications, energy and food.

I have a passion for food. I am the author of two cookbooks self-published through Lulu.com. "You Said A Mouthful: Great Stories and the Recipes They Evoke," is a collection of more than 50 recipes and personal stories developed over 30 years of weekend experimentation. "Get This Cookbook First: It's Full of Stuff Mom Should Have Told You" contains everything aspiring cooks need to know about kitchen paraphernalia, herbs, spices and cooking techniques.

I am also the co-founder of Eat Green LLC, a consulting firm that focused on helping entrepreneurs involved in the local food system in North Texas connect with the kinds of consumers who appreciate the value of locally raised or made food.

We also founded EatGreenDFW.com, which was (and still is) the leading online source for news and information on local, sustainable food in North Texas. Finally, I serve on the board of a relatively new organization call the Council for Healthy Food Systems, a sister organization to the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, a lobbying organization for small farmers.

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My Writing Samples

Omega TeleServe Website

Developed the copy for a new website for Omega when the company began selling SD-WAN. Kept it current as the market began demanding built in security


New Food Product Press Release

Press release as part of the introduction of a new dairy creamer, LaLa for LaLa USA, a subsidiary of GRUPO LALA, one of the largest dairy companies in the world.


Don't Want a Supermarket Turkey? Better Move Fast

Posting to EatGreenDFW.com explaining why consumers should buy pastured turkeys for Thanksgiving.


Web Page on New Security Offering

In order to keep up with market demand, Omega needed to add a page to the website to better explain its security offering


Web Pages On Renewable Energy

Researched and wrote most all of the copy for this client's website.



Chief Marketing Officer

Responsible for marketing, business development and funding for this telecommunications start up focused on the emerging technology of secure SD-WAN.

Company: Omega TeleServe LLC

I worked there from 6/2014 until 4/2018


Provided marketing and marketing communications consulting to small businesses, primarily involved in food and technology

Company: Cummings & Company

I worked there from 1/2007 until 6/2014


Dedicated to helping entrepreneurs involved in the local food system in North Texas connect with consumers Published EatGreenDFW.com, the leading source of news and information on local food in North Texas.

Company: EatGreenDFW

I worked there from 1/2007 until 6/2014

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for key energy and healthcare accounts, new business and strategic planning for all accounts

Company: Michael Burns & Associates

I worked there from 12/2001 until 12/2006


Provided public relations and marketing support primarily to tech start-ups. Named one of the five fastest growing tech agencies in 1999

Company: Cummings McGlone & Associates

I worked there from 4/1997 until 12/2001

Content I Write