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Freelance blogger/copywriter/social media manager at LeDuc Creative Co

About Me

If we're defined by the jobs we do and have, then there are a lot of definitions for me. Along with freelance writer, I'm currently working as a yoga instructor and educator for middle school/high school kids with behavioral challenges. I've also worked as a full time copywriter, tutor, special needs caregiver, nanny, resume writer, assistant preschool teacher, daycare worker and several stints in the food service industry - most notably a barista. Some of these overlapped. There are still so many other things I'd like to do. More life experiences deepen my overall appreciation for the human condition. Or something like that. Bottom line, I like variety. And I think it lends to my writing.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This specific piece defines and explains affiliate marketing. ALL blogs posts from 9/16 to current on this blog are my work.


Pressroom Equipment 101 - A Glossary of Terms

Explaining pressroom equipment for those not so mechanically inclined. I authored ALL blog posts from 8/16 to current on this blog.


What Is the Future of Ag Robots?

Discussing the roll of AI in Ag both now and in the future.


LeDuc Creative website

Wrote all copy for this website.


International Agribusiness Group website

Wrote all copy for this website.


5 Reasons Office Yoga Dramatically Boosts Employee Morale

The benefits of office yoga.


The Wisdom of Depression

How once can learn from the darkness and hopeless desperation that comes with depression.


Weird Science: Using the Wacky Psychology Behind Negotiations to Your Advantage

The benefits of using human psychology when it comes to negotiating as a freelancer.


Ripple Safety website

Wrote the copy for this website.



Copywriter/blogger/social media management

Writing regular blog posts, website copy and ad copy, and handling social media content for both the agency, as well as our clients in the manufacturing, food service, telecommunications, finance and agribusiness industries.

Company: LeDuc Creative Co

I worked there from 4/2016 until now


Writing blog posts on a wide variety of topics in numerous industries.

Company: The HOTH

I worked there from 4/2016 until now


Wrote 2-3 blog posts per month for this time management software website as per their topic requests.

Company: Zip Schedules/Clocks

I worked there from 5/2016 until 11/2016

Freelance Copywriter

Wrote copy for different clients in Detroit area over the course of two decades while subsequently pursuing other interests.

Company: Various

I worked there from 10/1996 until 4/2016

Content I Write