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Grant Writer for AI Research Enterprises That Need External Funding

About Me

Actually, let's start with you...

Do you need to distill your expertise into writing that persuades potential clients to see you as a trustworthy business partner?

Do you need to pitch your recent successes and smiling customers' testimonies to convert leads into new business opportunities?

But … are you flat out of time and energy to write new and regular content yourself? (Hint: search engines have a well-documented sweet tooth for the new and the regular.)

If you nodded “yes” or “ahem”, then let's onboard a professional writer to make you your industry’s thought leader and reach out to your leads, customers and business partners.

I spent 20 years as a software specialist consultant advising businesses in many industry sectors. They relied on my natural curiosity, relentless research and creativity to understand their business niche and deliver solutions that materialized their business goals sooner and more predictably.

Now, as a business freelance writer I use the same drive, skills and imagination to mold the written word and showcase your business offer and experience that will leave you with a trail of happy customers and engaged readers.

What others say...

"We hired Rafal to expand the reach of HadePlatform.com's website. He has submitted exceptional content which has attracted thousands of hits and contributed to us gaining a growing network of readers and users. We look forward to his future submissions" Brittany Pennington, Executive Director of Consumer Development, Hade Technologies - USA

"Rafal was hired to translate our premier publication as a key tool to expand our firm's reach into English-speaking markets. He delivered a flawlessly translated manuscript within the specified deadline. Rafal demonstrated solid work ethic with a commitment to become fluent with the nuances of a specialist field, and had the skill to bring across the author's authentic voice into the foreign language. We are grateful for his cooperation and input into our business activities." Andrzej Parszuto, CEO, Seven Heroes sp. z o.o. - Poland

"Rafal committed himself to a thorough research of our existing business operations. He documented opportunities to improve how we reach our clients and provide timely training services. Rafal wrote a persuasive business case to recommend a change in our business strategy. We were impressed by his proactive relationship with our specialists while he delivered promised results on time and budget. I recommend Rafal's desire to understand our business objectives, the clarity of his writing, and the ability to work under tight deadlines." Ian E. Carra, High Voltage Assessor Trainer, Essential Energy - Australia

I asked for the above recommendations to give you an idea how how my work has helped my clients advance their business goals - I expect to do no less for you.

Contact me at rafal@jacyna.net to see how we can work together to captivate your audience and create lasting customer connections to grow your business.

PS: a fun fact - when I was 16 years old and had no friends in a new country, I picked up a dictionary and translated J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' into Polish :)

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My Writing Samples

Why Institutions Are Buying Up Mag Silver (TSE:MAG) Stock?

Large investment houses are lining up to snatch MAG Silver shares off the table. What's going on? With 16% of the stocked owned by BlackRock alone, and a total of 88% already vaulted away by the institutions, we investigate why they circle the company like vultures in the know.


B2Gold's Production Fast-tracking Towards a Million Ounces?

Looking at the rapid rise of this gold producer from an obscure explorer to a big league gold miner with operations in most prolific world locations.


How Can You Own a Cryptocurrency Mining Operation?

10 years ago you could have mined for crypto coins using your laptop when you were asleep at night or out on the weekend. Now those days are gone, as the industry exploded and so did the technical requirements and complexity. One public company gives you an exposure to crypto mining. Find out how.


Why Tipper Will Turn Social Media Upside Down?

Today's social media mines you for your data and most users are relegated to an all-play-no-pay zone. What would happen if instead of the media owners and its advertisers, every other user, comment-maker and contributor got paid instead?


How to use Neo4j and Cypher to analyse your own data files

Neo4j graph database offers command line tools that will parse your CSV data files to help you design your data import strategy.


Identify oddities and suspect information in graph datasets

Neo4j graph database makes sense of data using relationships. Concepts like fraud detection and anomaly analysis can be carried out with ease using the in-built Cypher graph query language. Learn the basics to identify trends of interest.



Freelance Contributor

Regularly contributing original cryptocurrency and blockchain-related content. Also offering market commentary on gold and silver mining companies that exceed $250,000 in market capitalization, as well analysis of Canadian stock warrants.

Company: HadePlatform.com

I worked there from 2/2018 until now


I translated and worked with the book's author to translate its text from Polish to English. The writer, Joanna Ławicka, has a unique way of helping people on the Autism Spectrum to find their place in their family, community and society.

Company: nie-kosmita.pl / not-alien.org

I worked there from 11/2016 until now

Database Application Specialist

I have 20+ years experience in developing customized software applications running on top of database information system across electrical, gas and water utilities, insurance, healthcare, mining, horticultural and energy trading industries. For more information, check out my LinkedIn profile - linkedin.com/in/rafaljacyna/

Company: Private and public enterprises

I worked there from 10/1995 until 11/2016

Content I Write