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Bachelor's Degree at University of California, Davis

About Me

I research and write original content solutions for copywriting, blogging, academic, and technical projects. Whatever your industry and your content needs, I can help you create original content that reflects your branding and your market.

A dedicated researcher and writer, I can handle projects on practically any subject. I have blogged about everything from health & fitness to business process standardization. I have many years of experience as a writer in the sponsorship industry, working with clients who were authors, speakers, event promoters, career gurus, and much more. 

I have a number of samples on my profile, but they do not tell half the story of my career. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to see additional samples, or for any questions. I hope to write for you soon! 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness



My Writing Samples

Runner Strength Training: Behind the Workout

A look at runner strength training and the muscles involved.


Lower Back Pain From Exercise?

A look at exercise-induced lower back pain, and how to treat it--or better yet, avoid it entirely.


Dancer Workouts: The Core

Dancers rely on strong core muscles to perform their amazing feats. Today we’ll look at how you can build a dancer’s core through your workouts.


Dancer Workouts: Strength Flexibility Control

If you are looking to improve your dance skills, here’s a helpful framework: strength, flexibility, and control. Figure out where you need to improve with regard to these three attributes, and you will know where to focus your efforts.


Guide to Your Muscles: Trapezius

Your trapezius muscles (“traps”) are a pair of muscles in your upper back and neck. Like most muscles they look great when toned, so in today’s Guide to Your Muscles we’ll learn about their anatomy and get some great workout tips.


Yin Yoga: The Sphinx and Seal Poses

Yin yoga, or fascia yoga, is a style of yoga focused on the fibrous connective tissue of the joints. Two of the most popular poses in yin yoga are the sphinx pose and the seal pose. Both of these can provide wonderful therapeutic exercise for the lower back!


Yin and Yang: Introduction to Fascia Yoga

Most of the time when someone talks about yoga, they’re referring to hatha or yang yoga. However, there is another kind of yoga that targets your fascia, the fibrous connective tissue in your joints. People who practice it have reported many positive effects, including more flexible bodies and more peaceful minds.


Guide to Your Muscles: Obliques

Your obliques are important muscles in your abdomen. In today’s Guide to Your Muscles, we’ll learn about their anatomy and get some great workout tips.


Guide to Your Muscles: Pectoralis Major

If you’re looking to build up your chest, you’ll want to target your pectoralis major muscles. In today’s Guide to Your Muscles, we’ll look at the anatomy of your pectoralis major muscles, and some good ways to keep them in shape.


Guide to Your Muscles: Lats

If you’re looking for a toned back, you’ll want to target your latissimus dorsi muscles, also known as the lats. In today’s Guide to Your Muscles, we’ll look at the anatomy of the lats and some good ways to keep them in shape.


Guide to Your Muscles: Biceps

Everyone knows what the biceps is, but how much do you know about what it does and how to take care of it? In today’s Guide to Your Muscles, we’ll look at the anatomy of the biceps and learn a few exercises.


Guide to Your Muscles: Triceps

Toned tricep muscles can help you round out your arms, making them look that much more incredible! In today’s Guide to Your Muscles, we’ll look at the anatomy of this important muscle group, and learn about some great ways to get it in shape.


Gymnast Training: Behind the Workout

Training to be a gymnast is different, in some ways, from other types of training. There are a number of rather complex goals behind the gymnast’s workout, including agility and balance as well as muscular power.


Sponsors and You: 3 Marketing Secrets for Getting Funding from Sponsors

The idea of getting sponsors to help you fund your dreams as a successful author, speaker, or event promoter might sound too good to be true. It isn’t, of course: millions of people are funding their dreams with help from sponsors.


Fund Your Dreams: 3 Things Sponsors Can Do For You

Have you ever heard of getting a sponsor to help you fund your dreams of being an author, speaker, or event producer? The right sponsor can help you draw audiences and make connections.


Fund Your Dreams: 3 Reasons You Need Sponsors

How would you like to live the life of a successful author, speaker, or event producer, and have a sponsor foot the bill? It’s more doable than you might think.


Stretching Exercises for Desk Jockey Syndrome

If you spend most of your workday sitting hunched at a desk, you’ve probably experienced some of the aches and pains of Desk Jockey Syndrome. This syndrome is associated with a sedentary work environment, and it poses significant health risks. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate those risks through exercise.


Massage Therapy: A Healthy Treatment

Massage therapy can work wonders for your health. While many people find the pleasure of stress relief reason enough to get a massage, there are remarkable health benefits. From helping you to get a better night’s sleep to boosting your immune system, getting a massage is an excellent way to increase your health and your quality of life.


Acupuncture has surprising medical benefits

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy that has long been known to have significant benefits. New findings, however, indicate that in addition to combating pain, acupuncture may have surprisingly far-reaching benefits for combating a variety of medical symptoms.


Aromatherapy for health and peace of mind

Have you ever encountered a smell that relaxed you, or put you in a good mood? Smell can be a surprisingly powerful sense for affecting the mood, and aromatherapy is case in point.


Standardization Now: How Formal Processes Can Unleash Productivity

Your organization has any number of tasks, or processes, that must be completed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to ensure that it operates smoothly and efficiently. Every task requires rules to determine whether it has been completed or not.


Fishing June Hogs on the Columbia River

The summer runs of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) are something of a Pacific Northwestern icon. Dubbed “June hogs” for their immense size, in the 19th century these fish commonly reached three to four feet in length and attained weights of over 60 pounds.


Upriver Brights: Fishing Fall-Run Salmon on the Columbia River

Fall-run Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) on the Columbia River are known for their size—they are arguably the largest fish of the three major runs—and their ferocity on the hook. The fishery for fall-run Chinooks on the Columbia River is defined by Buoy 10, which often serves as the fishery’s namesake.



Freelance Writer & Content Creator

I research and write original content solutions for academic, technical, and copywriting projects. Whatever your content needs, I can help you create original content that reflects your branding and your market.

Company: InkWell Freelance

I worked there from 3/2009 until now

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