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About Me

With the chance of being descended from the Vikings, experts say surnames ending with “son” can give you an indication of a possible Viking heritage, at least I would like to believe so, the fact is my name is Elina Karlsson and my roots are traced back to Sweden.  

I run the website where I write about some of my favourite topics. The site is all about surfing and travels combined with studies and reports to make people aware of solutions on how to travel more responsible, for a better environment.

Building this website with Wordpress have given me a great toolkit with skills for SEO, marketing and writing. I have as well completed HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Course. This was a great way for me to add knowledge that I turned into skills for the website and as a freelance content writer.

I have strong skills in inbound marketing, researching, SEO friendly content writing, keyword research and optimization, also using YOAST. I have as well great knowledge of Google Analytics and Wordpress. Also, I do translation between English and Swedish.

If you´re interested, feel free to read some of my articles included in my personal portfolio writingwithbenefits.com

Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully, we can work together!

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Lead Service Stewardess

The last 3 years I have been working as a professional pirate, these days more known as a Stewardess onboard superyachts, thru this experience I know how to always provide the highest quality of (7-star) service and that there are no excuses for deadlines.

Company: Imperial

I worked there from 10/2015 until now

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