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About Me

As an English educator at the Jr/Sr High school and college levels, my writing skills reflect my creative and academic background, fine-tuned by extensive experience within the communities of charitable giving, educational empowerment, and discovery and enlightenment of the struggles and challenges specifically within the demographic of military Veterans.

I have in recent years focused on the 501(c)3 environment, loving the uplifting and encouraging messages enabled from within that environment of life-changing successes and rescue!  I was Executive Director of GRASPnp for 5 years (now in the process of dissolution) and then chose to act as a writer for the replacement 501(c)3, R Empowerment.  R Empowerment is heavily focused on education and life-changing guidance, so I am able to combine my experience in education and philanthropy in writing articles for their website.

GRASPnp enabled me to witness, through one-on-one interviews, Veterans' challenges as they return from war-zone deployments. I have written articles on their financial struggles, employment challenges, as well as current attention to and treatment of the pervasive, and very real, diagnosis of PTSD.  One of my more recent research assignments included the use of Tapping as it related to PTSD treatment, which led to my discovery of the use of Tapping now in public schools as a means of helping students, teachers, and administrators with the stress and challenge of the modern-day public education environment.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can combine your ideas with my skills and experience and create your own written masterpieces. 

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My Writing Samples

Now I Just Want to Take Care of My Family

A heartwarming story of a Veteran returning to civilian life. After facing life-threatening situations to protect our country, he now just wants to get on with taking care of his family . . .

• https://rempowerment.org/take-care-family/

I Have a Good Job, I Have Money, Why Am I So Broke?

A human-interest story of a lady bus driver who earned a good wage but was always broke. We freed her from that reality by empowering her recovery via the education of using a basic budget, something she never learned in school . . .


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A basic research article identifying the beginning of the PTSD diagnosis, in both military veterans and civilians suffering as a result of a traumatic event in their lives, to the growing recognition of its seriousness and the current treatments including drug-free cognitive therapy, and EFT (Tapping) . . .


A Bank for the Poor

Microlending was designed and implemented by a charming financial genius over 50 years ago in Bangladesh. It was his premise that lending very small amounts of money to new businesses would result in an overall improvement in the local economy. The loans were focused primarily on women's businesses, and repaying the loan was optional. This research follows the evolution from that simple premise to a fine-tuned version as it exists today in first-world countries . . .



Executive Director

Total responsibility for the administration, management, and execution of this 501(c)3 focused on rent subsidies to prevent evictions and empowerment education to help candidates make better financial decisions in their futures.

Company: GRASPnp

I worked there from 3/2013 until 1/2018

Self Employed

Design and develop marketing collateral of every sort; proof and edit what is already written, including academic theses and dissertations for degree-seeking candidates; write blogs and articles and other website content; five years as Executive Director of a 501(c)3.

Company: LaVonne Ochs

I worked there from 1/1985 until now

Content I Write