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Ben Oliveri


Writer at KickAss Content

About Me

I focus on creating engaging content that resonates with target personas. Topics of expertise include business development, management practices, freelance, freelance software development, Saas, and remote work. I also enjoy writing about health and wellness related topics.

To learn more about me and my writing, feel free to visit my personal webpage

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

How Startup Founders Can Approach the Product Management Role: Insights From Product Manager HQ’s Ke

As a startup scales beyond product market fit, product management becomes very important. But how can founders effectively manage the product and perform all of their other duties? Here are best practices for founders to manage the product and hire product managers.


Jack Altman on How to Use Performance Management To Build Better Teams

As a company grows, it becomes more difficult for founders and managers to stay on top of performance management. That’s why it’s important to build a culture of communication, feedback, and goal setting. Lattice CEO and co-founder, Jack Altman, has some tips on how to do just that.


Connecting Musicians and Instrument Brands With the Help of CodementorX

For this post, I conducted an interview with the company's client to create a success story for the blog.


Why Project Managers Suck: How to Close the Gap Between Software Engineers and Project Managers

Sometimes it seems like project managers and developers just can’t get along. Here’s why, and what to do about it.


How to Make a Killer Software Engineer Resume and Portfolio to Boost Your Freelance Career

This post offers a detailed guide on creating a software engineer resume and portfolio to boost your freelance career. Examples included!


Do Overseas Developers Get a Bad Rap? U.S. vs. Overseas Software Engineers

Ready to hire a software engineer, but not sure if you should hire U.S.-based or overseas developers? Here's what you need to know!


How Zapier Remotely Manages a Team of 80 Employees

Overseeing a distributed team of 80 employees, Zapier is an emerging thought leader in remote team management. We learned some best practices for managing remote developers from Zapier CTO, Bryan Helmig.


5 Ways to Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight

This is an informative SEO post written for a gym to help draw users to their site.


4 FAQ on Sciatica & Pain Management

Written for a local clinic on the benefits of chiropractic care for pain management.


The Skin Benefits of Acai Berry Facials

This is an informative SEO post written for a local spa on the benefits of acai berry.


How Proper Exercise & Physical Therapy Can Relieve Chronic Pain

This is an informative SEO post written for a local clinic on the physical therapy benefits for chronic pain.



Owner and Writer

Ben creates KickAss content that keeps readers coming back and boosts conversions for clients.

Company: KickAss Content

I worked there from 4/2018 until now

Content Marketing Specialist

As a content marketer, Ben took ownership of the content process from brainstorming topics that would resonate with the TA, to drafting, publishing, and distributing content. Ben also conducted interviews to write blog posts that share insights from industry thought leaders.

Company: Codementor

I worked there from 5/2017 until now

Marketing Specialist

Ben cooperated with the sales team to streamline brand positioning strategy and maximize marketing ROI. Ben was also responsible for writing all English language press release, product descriptions, video transcripts, website promotions, and more.

Company: Gigabyte

I worked there from 10/2016 until 2/2017

Content I Write