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About Me

I have fifty years of writing experience, during which time I have published many professional papers, edited for peer-reviewed journals, published several for-profit websites, and sold numerous articles online.

My areas of writing expertise include investing, economics, business, entrepreneurship, health, well-being, and current events. I am SEO savvy. My professional experience includes numerous professional peer-reviewed articles. 

I particularly enjoy writing articles in the finance, personal investment, and economics space. Bylined articles have appeared in AskMoney. Examples of some of this work, for which I am the ghostwriter, appear on the Ridgewood Investments Website under the Insights tab. I have also written for Putnam Investments.

I am the creator of 4 for-profit websites for which I wrote all content. This content was SEO-optimized.

Over the last five years, I have written hundreds of short articles, blogs, and essays published for profit online.

I served as an editor for a peer-reviewed journal and have excellent editorial skills.

Education: Ph. D., 1986 M.S., 1983 B.A., 1979. 

Industries I Write About


Health & Wellness



Real Estate


My Writing Samples

Your Guide to Gold and Silver Buying

Key information for gold and silver buyers


Why is Lithium Important for the Green Revolution and Who Controls the Supply?

All you need to know about lithium


Cryptocurrency: Have We Hit Bottom?

Overview of the wild ride in cryptocurrency prices and an analysis of whether we have hit bottom.


Why You Need a Roth IRA

The IRA might very well be the best investment vehicle ever created by Congress.


Jumpstart Your Trading Success With These Books

A review of some of the best books about trading successfully,


Small Business Tax Deductions Most People Miss

Tax deductions for small businesses made easy.


Is The Current Bout of Inflation Related to COVID-19

Is inflation caused by COVID?


Recent Dynamics in US-China Trade

In reality, China and the US need each other economically.


Savvy End-of-thr-Year Tax Moves

How to minimize your tax burden legally.


9 Things to Know About DCAA

A summary of what federal contractors need to know about DCAA compliance.



Technical content about best practices for pipeline installation.


Petrography and provenance of silicified early Archaean volcaniclastic sandstones, eastern Pilbara B

Technical paper about very old rocks in Australia


How to Eat Before You Exercise

A plan for optimal pre-exercise eating.


Clay Mineralogy of Cubits Gap Crevasse-Splay, Mississippi Delta

A technical geology paper



The real differences between finance and accounting.




My own company engaged in a variety of entrepreneurial, writing and communication businesses.

Company: MJD Enterprises

I worked there from 10/2015 until now

Professional Geologist

Engaged in geologic research and petroleum exploration

Company: Shell, Unocal

I worked there from 12/1986 until 9/2015

Content I Write


Consistently Good

I have worked with Michael several times and can always count on him. Michael is great: top quality writer, quick turnaround, and a pleasure to work with.

Michael Hemstreet, MyDog

Content Writer

Working with Michael was effortless. He was prompt, professional, and courteous in his communications, and - most importantly - drafted a wonderful piece of content for our website. Michael's writing is smooth and articulate. He makes great use of all materials given him to produce detailed and technically accurate content that feels at once well researched and is easy to understand. We will certainly proposition Michael for further work in the future.

Joshua Morrison, AGM Container Controls Inc.

Great Writer!

Michael wrote some incredible articles for Putnam Investments, loved hearing what new content ideas he had for their blog and also seeing the final product!

Stephanie Roulic, nDash.co


Michael is fantastic to work with. He's written quite a few blogs for us and he is quick, responsive and more than willing to offer suggestions and help make the content the best it can be. The first attempt is ALWAYS perfect.

Ashley Tice