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Copywriter, Editor, and Thought Leadership Content Strategist

About Me

Editorial Manager and Content Developer with 14+ years of experience involving vertical market industries, business marketing, government, and NGO.

Specialized accomplishments

Proficiencies facilitating

Perfect English grammar and TESOL certified.

Topical and Promotional Content Writing Skills.

Time-management focused and plagiarism-free.

Recommendations and Testimonials:


Former Senior Technology News Writer: 


"I have a passion for corporate writing, thought-leadership, and SEO content development.  I enjoy empowering individuals and small businesses through a content marketing strategy approach while maintaining their voice in the content created."

Industries I Write About


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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Marketing and Advertising

Thought-leadership, Content Marketing Strategy, SEO Content, Social Media News, Legal, Finance, Health, and Vertical Market Industries.


Web Content - Policy and Terms

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for Website


Renewables and Environment

Introductory Guide for Sustainability - Whitepaper


Legal Services

Entrepreneur and Small Business legal consultation towards regional hiring laws.


Outsourcing/ Offshoring

Defining your business relationships through work-for-hire agreements; taking the stigma out of contracts and rules.


Blockchain News and Journalism

Technology Author- Published Work


AI Technology News and Journalism

Technology News Author - Published Work


Government/ Business News and Journalism

Government Administration and Business News Author - Published Work


Business Proposal, SOQ, SOP

Local and International


Consumer Services

International Travel/ Businesses Abroad Review


Web Content - About Us

Mission Statement, "About Us" Page Development, and Technical Edits.


B2B Marketing and Strategy

There is no company size restriction to become a thought leader.


The 3's of Strong Content Marketing

To effectively launch premium ROI content, each life-cycle step must be supported for your readers; before, during, and after their site visitation commences.


Best UC and AV Tech Strategy

Meeting collaboration and conferencing software product description and benefits.


Consumer Reviews: Vitality and Thought Leadership

Investing in positive product and service reviews; best practices and strategies.


Government Administration - Contractors

Encryption Policy



LMS Compliance and Introductory Whitepaper


Education Management

School SIS, Security, Software, and Leadership.


Staffing and Recruitment

Embracing Big Data


Human Resources

Work agreements, Employee Resource Groups, and Outsourcing.



Content Strategist, QA Analyst

Marketing Analyst, Blog Writer, Copywriter for SEO Content, Case Study and Research Specialist.

Company: SR Property Management

I worked there from 2/2002 until 12/2010

Policy Editor, Tax Law Curriculum

IRM Policy editor, Tax Law curriculum writer, Treasury LMS testing, and QA tracking.

Company: U.S. Department of the Treasury

I worked there from 10/2005 until 10/2010

Technical Writer, eLearning & Education Director, Sustainability

Business Service BPO Editorial Manager, Content Developer, eLearning Director, Recruitment & Talent Acquisition, Executive Officer of Sustainability, Training & Workflow Coordinator, QA Management.

Company: Ganh Source, LLC

I worked there from 3/2010 until now

Freelance Content Strategist and Copywriter

Freelance Content Developer, Editor, Marketing Strategist, and Education Manager.

Company: LeWriterPro

I worked there from 7/2016 until now

Content I Write


Professional Editor and Writer

I recommend Le Williams for web content creation, content writing, and any editing assignments. It has been amazing working with Le. She is a great communicator, extremely detailed, accuracy-driven, and perfect for start-ups.

Casey Cole-Laner, Digital HOUS

Prolific Content Developer with Great Strategies

Le perpetually demonstrates high work ethics and innovative strategies as a preferred content developer and business strategist to our clients. Her ideas are always targeted to our goals; the end product often exceeds our expectations. I highly recommend Le. Very professional, detailed, and dependable. Undoubtedly, she has the ability to take any project to the next level.

Justin Caseo, Marketing Evolution

Founder and CEO

Le Williams has been a pleasure to work with. She is consistent and on time with her assignments. She will be a great addition to your writing team. Thumbs up!

Edmund Zaloga, Responsify