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Copy and content strategy, giving voice and purpose to your project.

About Me

I come from a background in international product development and sustainability implementation. For many years I managed manufacturing concerns, then began to understand the need to improve how we use environmental, human, and technological resources to create a healthier bottom line business performance.

This experience informs my writing, and I've been able to work with a diverse spectrum of clients within many cultural and linguistic contexts. These have ranged from startup to sovereign wealth fund and covered concerns in manufacturing/industrial, urban change, healthcare, SaaS tech, nonprofit, science and sustainability. 

In terms of writing style, where possible I like to use some humour to illuminate complex topic matter. Otherwise, I'm also happy writing drier academic or business style, and in white paper and report material can replicate the required tone of voice. I work well with SEO-optimised blog content or can take on longer article and report projects. 

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My Writing Samples

How To Choose the Right CPQ Vendor for Manufacturing.

Ghostwritten. Short-form blog piece outlining Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software procurement concerns related to the manufacturing sector.


Work Pods: Step Inside The Latest Office Productivity Trend.

Ghostwritten. Mid-length article​ dealing with the evolution of workplace culture and the options opening up to enhance the way we productively work, specifically work pods and how they can help develop successful workplace habits.


Having More Women in Leadership Roles is Good for Business.

Ghostwritten. Short-form blog. The importance of women in corporate leadership, and the options for women to engage with institutions that can prove guidance and support to help them realize their potential.


Blog - Startups (humorous)

Ghostwritten. Example of blog material dealing with guidance for startups or individual entrepreneurs. Humorous, to the point, and advisory for easy digestion.


Article Collection

A mix of articles requested by clients in the software and creative entrepreneur sectors. The pieces deal with the challenges of startups, working individually, and the healthy use of technology to power these ventures.


Broccoli Sprouts: The 25 Insanely Powerful Sulforaphane Benefits

Ghostwritten. A long-form​ personal health-related article that describes the benefits of sulforaphane, a substance found primarily in cruciferous vegetables (especially broccoli sprouts).


Port Appointments for Carriers with AI.

Ghostwritten. Tech startup blog piece outlining the issues of structural congestion at port facilities, and how software solutions can alleviate such logistics bottlenecks.


Office Phone Booth Furniture: Add Quiet to Your Workplace.

Ghostwritten. Mid-length article dealing with workplace redesign to include office booth/pod systems that ramp up productivity by allowing employees to discover how they function best.


How CPQ Can Help Improve Manufacturing Sales by Making Quoting Simpler.

Ghostwritten. Short-form blog piece targeting specific business problems and how software solutions can mitigate efficiency losses.


Creating a Successful Mobile Customer Experience with CPQ.

Ghostwritten. Short-form targeted blog piece dealing with true agility through robust mobile software applications.




Copywriting, editing, research and content strategy. Long-form articles/blog content. Science/sustainability communications (complex topic distillation for a wider audience). Competitive market research analysis.- Product development. White paper generation.

Company: Ratified

I worked there from 1/2018 until now

Head of Content

SaaS/Consumer Software. Digital content marketing strategy, social media planning, content creation and blog short/long-form content output in startup tech environment. In charge of Brand ID development, messaging and voice. E-commerce product iteration and hacking per user feedback. Competitive market research/analysis, press releases, KPI, GTM strategy and branded content generation to drive corporate funding pitch strategy.

Company: Zipline Technologies

I worked there from 6/2016 until 1/2018

Project Lead

Interactive Digital Technology/Branded ArchitectureProject. Project management of creative digital design teams to develop branded interactive digital interior environments. Content creation, strategy, copy editing, digital storytelling and project presentation. Primarily worked with Nike EHQ to redesign the workplace experience, incorporating indoor planting solutions and architectural branding. Spaces with better workflow functionality, brand awareness and health/productivity benefits.

Company: Downstream

I worked there from 4/2015 until 3/2017

Digital Project Manager

Digital Media. Implemented workflows for digital design teams within multimedia NGO, successfully migrating design operations online from print. Web content creation, strategy, copy editing and translation.

Company: RNW

I worked there from 11/2014 until 3/2015

Research Lead

Science/Tech Research Consultancy. Emerging technologies research/analysis for Saudi Public Investment Fund. Managed content strategy for generation of white papers for scientific/tech policy planning recommendations covering e-health, medical tourism, smart buildings, agronomy, vertical farming, and virtual labs.

Company: The Nordic Gulf Group

I worked there from 4/2014 until 11/2014

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability Consultancy. Developed tourism sector sustainability strategies for Khazanah Nasional Berhad sovereign wealth fund as part of DPZ Pacific Design + Development's cross-functional design team.Content development strategy, copy editing and written content generation through project pitch rounds to stakeholders. Focus on architectural energy efficiency and biodiversity asset retention within existing tourism developments.

Company: DPZ Pacific Design and Development

I worked there from 7/2011 until 3/2013

VP - Operations

Sourcing Agency/OEM. Developed end-to-end value chains via stakeholder engagement with suppliers, local government, certifying bodies, and 3rd party QC & logistics.Led local teams across extensive product categories requiring diverse manufacturing processes, engineered solutions, and product certifications (UL).Account management of corporate clients (Target, Walmart, Quiksilver) and diverse international SMEs, supply chain partner for startup brands.

Company: Sinomark Consulting

I worked there from 4/2003 until 4/2011

VP - Operations

Organic Foods Brand. Ran startup agribusiness procurement and supply chain network development through PRC, Chile, and India. Achieved cost parity plus in Chile vs. China network, engineering the move to Latin America operations.Patented vacuum dehydration processing method, and achieved full (6) suite of marketplace consumer certifications via QC testing management and facility audits. Generated marketing communications strategy, brand story and content for product line.

Company: Yogavive

I worked there from 4/2007 until 1/2011

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