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Currently heading up long-form content development at tokyin.com. I am looking for freelance writing opportunities to supplement my income. My specialties include finance, cryptocurrency, technology and cannabis.  I usually write long-form content that is typically one to two thousand words, but I can create shorter content if needed.

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Cannabis's Cash Problem

Despite the recent wave of state legalizations, cannabis still remains illegal on the federal level. This means that any business that sells cannabis is technical, indistinguishable from a drug cartel. Bank of America would have to report a deposit from Joe’s Cannabis Shop the same way they would a cartel. It’s, according to federal law, illegal drug money. And since almost all banks are backed by the FDIC, a federal program, all banks are forced to follow federal laws. This, in a nutshell,


Cannabis Market Still Undervalued

The cannabis industry is a flowering business with a beautiful wave of legalizations across many U.S. states and with federal legalization with our neighbors up north, it has seemingly never been a better time to be in the dope game, but still, there’s so much buzz going around about the cannabis market being overvalued. Some have even likened it to the tech bubble of the late 90s, but what is so sadly missed is the actual undervaluation of the cannabis market, even as billion


Decentralization of Bitcoin

Article I wrote for a crypto-startup explaining what decentralization is and how it relates to technology and finance.


Substratum Guide

A guide written for a cryptocurrency media company about the Substratum cryptocurrency project.


SegWit2X hard fork

Article I wrote for a cryptocurrency company about Bitcoin's Segwit2X hard fork.


The Bitcoin Gold fork: What You Should Know

Article that I wrote about the Bitcoin Gold fork.


Our Interview With Cannabis Photographer @highaphotography

An interview I conducted for tok'yin.com


Careers In Cannabis: Cannabis Lab Tech

An interview I conducted for tok'yin.com.




As a freelance writer, I worked for a variety of clients creating long and short term content for blogs and marketing purposes.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 10/2016 until now

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