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Business and economics

About Me

 I'm 55, English, and have lived in a number of countries (Russia, the US, now Portugal). I've a wide experience of life, having produced computer games, been the world's major wholesaler of one of the rare earths, owned a pub and for the past decade I've been a freelance journalist.

That wide and extensive experience of the world out there means that I can, and do, write with a wide reference set. In my journalism the one thing I'm best known for is being able to reduce complex ideas down to something explained in the vernacular, by reference to simpler concepts that make sense to the non-expert.

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Law & Politics

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I've been published in (for Americans, I have published in) The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Business, Daily Express, Daily Sport, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Phliadelphia Enquirer, Takimag, The Register, Computer Weekly, City Am, Forbes Online, Washington Examiner and...well, you get the picture.

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