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Social and Website Based Inbound Marketer {LION}

About Me

Business operations require clear communication. Sales collateral, blogs, documentation, how-to articles, white papers, and more build the relationships a company needs to survive. Whether it is a quality employee manual, a functioning customer-facing website, templates for an engineering team, or user documentation, great writing sets your business apart. 

With hundreds of blogs, whitepapers, manuals and technical documents sold to customers in multiple industries, I provide the right materials for your business needs. 

Industries I Write About







Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

Drone Blog - Guest Post for Retail

This post was written for a drone retail customer. We placed this guest post on The Drone Girl blog, a top ranking blog on Google. It covered the discovery of hot spots using infrared cameras on the DJI Matrice 600.


Furniture Blog - Guest post for Retail

I created this post so that a customer could get some good backlinks from a well-ranked local website.


Agency Website

This is the last rendition of my freelance website, geared towards small businesses.




Working as a freelance editor, content creator and marketing consultant, I worked for dozens of clients in education, information security, accounting, and the hospitality industries. From standardizing 4,000 pages of findings templates for a white hat hacking team to writing student manuals for colleges in the US and Egypt, I practiced integrating customer service, sales, and communication in every writing project I undertook.

Company: Paul Davis Solutions

I worked there from 9/2014 until 3/2020

Content I Write