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Seasoned writer on a host of different topics spanning multiple industries.

About Me

Seasoned, and well sold, writer of numerous articles both ghost-written and personally bylined.  My background is math, science, research and statistics, and, although I have talents for them, writing, educating and explaining have always been my forte. Prior to the writing, I edited academic journals in the medical and research areas, performed some software engineering to propel a young startup to fruition, and then educated a few thousand students across the state. 

I have had great success blogging and ghost-writing as I help corporations communicate better with their clients as well as software developers explain their raison de'tre to their readers.  It has all been enjoyable and continues to be fun.  I look forward to the next project each morning.


Industries I Write About


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Law & Politics

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

The Five Ways AI Will Change the Insurance Industry

A full, but not complete, description of the many ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) is already changing how insurance companies do business today. From the 'bots' that engage with customers looking for a quote to the machines we wear on our bodies as we excercise or those in our cars that prevent accidents, we are surrounded by computer intelligence designed not only to keep us safe but to also keep our premiums as low as possible.


Avoid These Mistakes When Setting Up Cloud Containers in the Cloud

A common issue in new companies is to become immersed in the production of the software without regard to how to manage that development properly. The IT department is often left with the responsibility of cleaning up after the deadline to ensure all functionality still works well and managing the storage space. Companies can save that time and money by pre-planning better.


No, You Are Not Dreaming, Just Investing in the Wrong Place

A description and explanation of the benefits of overseas investing against what is currently available in the States.


How Business Success Can Depend on the Proper Analysis of Large Data Sets

A simple explanation of why the proper analysis of data can be critically important to the survival of any business.



Production Editor

Academic Publishing

Company: JAI Press

I worked there from 11/1990 until 8/1998

Software Engineer

Query Company Database and Program Client Websites

Company: Wink Communications

I worked there from 8/1998 until 8/2002

Managing Partner

Academic Learning Center

Company: Da Vinci Learning Center

I worked there from 1/2003 until 6/2013

Freelance Writer

Articles and blogs. link is here: https://joshwallman.wixsite.com/freelancewriting/blog

Company: Independent

I worked there from 6/2010 until now

Insurance Agent

the insurance industry

Company: Multiple

I worked there from 8/2013 until 8/2017

Content I Write