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About Me

Freelance writer, and professional content creator who also writes periodic entertainment analysis on his own website. Since becoming a full-time online writer in 2007, he's worked for many media sites, including writing three daily columns for Yahoo! Movies, and Yahoo! TV.

In 2012, he had a Yahoo! TV article about Discovery Channel's "Frozen Planet" referenced by Brian Stelter in The New York Times. Soon after, the author won the first annual Yahoo! Content Spotlight Award for the above piece.

From 2014-15, he wrote movie news, reviews, and specialized pieces at The Movie Network.

After starting as a content writer at BlogMutt in 2013, he created a long list of content for such well-known companies as DISH TV and Worthington Direct. This continues to include creating countless small business blogs across the world in categories from marketing/SEO to cannabis/CBD. As of 2018, he's the highest ranking writer on the site. 

Always finding new avenues in the online writing arena, he's also attempting to nurture his long-running fiction ambitions in the world of novels, TV, and movies.

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How Much Power Will the Public Have in Shaping Movies, TV, and Netflix? Interview with David Paull

My fascination with how the public has the ability to shape which politicians win, what movies we see, and what TV we watch led me to a company in Portland, Oregon that’s been testing this concept for years. Dialsmith has outstanding leadership with CEO David Paull, and when I interviewed him two separate times in the late 2000s, most of our discussion focused on politics. The reason is Dialsmith provides all those real-time public opinion tools you see on cable news after Presidential debates.



Content Writer

Creating content for businesses around the world. Past corporate clients include DISH TV and Worthington Direct.

Company: Blogmutt

I worked there from /2013 until now

Freelance writer


I worked there from /1993 until now

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