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Freelance content writer and blogger specializing in architecture, construction, renewable energy, and green business.

About Me

Are you looking for an effective and professional writer who can provide the content you need? Let’s talk. I focus on writing relevant and valuable content on topics related to the built environment, green business and media. I work with companies that have a strong environmental focus and commitment to sustainability. We’re not into greenwashing—we’re sharing how they’ve made choices that improve their sustainability and, usually, the bottom line too. I'm well-versed in environmental and sustainability topics, including: • architecture and green building • permaculture and landscaping • renewable energy • transportation. We have a variety of choices for delivering your message, including: • articles • blog posts • case studies • whitepapers • video • web content • e-newsletters Whatever your business, you can count on me to learn quickly so we can get busy communicating with your customers and readers. When you need a writer with the ability to tell your story and maintain your brand integrity, please contact me and let’s discuss your project. Call: 970-882-3432 office • (507) 429-2777
 cel Email: steve@thefarmhousemedia.com or through Linked In.

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My Writing Samples

Can Prefab Housing Improve Housing Affordability?

This article discusses manufactured or pre-fabricated housing and the potential impacts on affordable housing.


China’s “Ghost Cities” Have Room for Millions of Residents

China's so-called "ghost cities" were built to house millions of residents who will probably never arrive.


Is Passive Solar Design Irrelevant?

Superinsulated houses have won. Passive solar design has lost.


Can large-lot suburban homes have a sustainable future?

Large-lot suburban homes will show a huge surplus in coming years, according to professor and urban planner Dr. Arthur C. Nelson. In this article I envision a few ideas for re-purposing those homes.



Owner, writer

We’re an independent e-publisher with a focus on topics related to, but not exclusive to, sustainable living and building, permaculture, outdoor recreation, travel, and health and fitness. As we grow and add more titles, we aim to provide readers with access to high-quality media, and help authors/creators with a viable outlet for selling and promoting their work.

Company: Farmhouse Media

I worked there from 7/2012 until now

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