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About Me

I've been a writer online for sites like textbroker.com and hubpages.com for a couple of years. Though I originally went to school and graduated in biological psychology, I always enjoyed English and Literature classes. Writing has always been a fun passion for me, but recently I've decided to expand on my professional portfolio. Though I am an inexperienced professional writer, I am a quick learner and can follow a client's directions to the letter. I can write about a wide variety of subjects, but most enjoy writing about subjects that I love: art, animals, psychology, health, fitness, food, hobbies, and plants. 

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Common Health Problems of Pit Bulls and How To Care For Them

A casual blog post that lists and explains the most common health problems that come up in Pit Bull tTerrier dogs. It contains a brief description of the condition and how it starts, plus some solutions and remedies.


Budgeting Tips for Millenials

This article lists several helpful saving and budgeting strategies that are good for everyone. However this particular article is aimed at the Millenial generation, but everyone can gain some wisdom from these tips.


The Ultimate Guide to Hunting Flashlights

An exercise in marketing copywriting, this list article looks at the top hunting flashlights on the market and explores the pros and cons of each one. It is meant to help the reader make an informed purchase for their next hunting excursion.



Independent Contractor/Writer

I write articles, blog posts and research articles and a wide variety of subjects. These assignments range from market copywriting in retail to heavily researched articles in science and health. I maintain a high quality rate of articles and always meet my deadlines.

Company: Textbroker

I worked there from 8/2016 until now

Content I Write