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About Me

Kelley grew up in the comedy clubs as the daughter of a professional comedian but also attained the formal knowledge of an undergraduate degree. Her collegiate and career experience allow her to produce well-researched, easy-to-read, professional work for a multitude of subjects and formats.

Her undergraduate degree focused on the medical sciences and gives Kelley an understanding of anatomy, physiology, disease processes, and nutrition. As the child of a professional stand-up comedian she learned the value of brevity, and how word structure affects an audience's reaction. These seemingly unrelated skillsets allow Kelley to comfortably work within any genre for any audience. This background allowed her to develop a quick-witted intelligent style that is as comfortable discussing scientific breakthroughs as it is creating naughty satire. 

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Custom Knives: Handmade Pieces of Functional Art

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Creates engaging easy-to-understand content for a variety of websites and industries

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