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I am a public health researcher by profession. I write for companies and individuals ranging from as little as 500 words to about 20000 words. I am versatile and can write on topics that are not just public-health related

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Science & Medicine

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synopsis of a movie

ACT OF VALOURThis is an action-packed movie which utilised modern military technology in combating and confronting both terrorists and enemies of the United States of America. it is very interesting and also emotional in that it exposed some secrets and techniques which terrorists try to use in infiltrating the United States of America. It’s mind-blowing and has a lot of shooting, bombing, combating skills and surveillance. An interesting feature of the movie is the incorporation of real life so



Health inequalities have been a central focus of the public and many types of research has been conducted in line with this from the time of the black report many decades ago (Szreter, 1984; Oliver and Exworthy, 2003; House of commons, 2009). Also, inequalities in health are mostly prescribed as the variance in health status between socioeconomic groups but it is usually described by employment status, geographic location, ethnic group and gender which is known to be a problem worldwide with hig


personal profile

Okechukwu O’Martins is a public health researcher who has executed several studies and trainings on health issues. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health United Kingdom, he has worked as a research analyst with a leading consulting firm in Nigeria and as a researcher with the Research Graduate School at the University of Berkfordshire, where he played a major role in the acquisition of the Research Badge of Excellence by the university. Okechukwu is concerned with, and involved in rese



research assistant

draft up research proposals and write up blogs. Attend meetings and review proposals


I worked there from 3/2016 until now

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