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Andy Henderson


Interested in connecting with people who want to change the world

About Me

A highly motivated and driven engineer with a Ph.D. in Automotive Engineering and experience in industry as well as academic research who is interested in new challenges in manufacturing, technology, and energy generation fields.

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My Writing Samples

Updated Force Model for Milling Nickel-based Superalloys

This dissertation describes the research and findings from my work as a PhD student in Automotive Engineering. My research contributed to the knowledge about machining nickel-based superalloys and using sensors on a machining center to improve estimates of cutting forces.


Cutting Force Modeling When Milling Nickel-Base Superalloys

A peer-reviewed conference paper that describes the implementation of a mechanistic model for the cutting forces when milling nickel-based superalloys.


A perspective of the manufacturing future: Production Scheduling

A thought leadership blog post on the future of production scheduling for discrete manufacturing.


Perspective of the manufacturing future: Cutting Tools

A thought leadership blog post on the future of cutting tools management in machining operations.


Manufacturing Future: Inventory Management

A thought leadership blog post on the future of inventory management in discrete manufacturing.


A perspective of the manufacturing future: Product Quality

A thought leadership blog post on the future of product quality in discrete manufacturing.


A Perspective of the Manufacturing Future: The Value

A thought leadership blog post on how new manufacturing technologies are going to drive value for the organizations that leverage them.


Moving Down the Path: Getting Started

A thought leadership blog post on ways to get started implementing manufacturing technology and improving operations.


A GE Digital Perspective: Manufacturing Industry in 2017

A thought leadership paper that describes major factors impacting manufacturing in 2016 and trends that would shape it in 2017.


Integration of On-Machine Measurements in the Force Modeling for Machining of Advanced Nickel-Based

A peer-reviewed academic research paper that describes utilizing a sensor on a milling machine to estimate tool wear improve cutting force modeling.



Vice President Of Engineering

Praemo is revolutionizing how industrial companies think about the role of digital technology inside their operations. We help our customers reduce equipment downtime, optimize production processes, and manage risks. This results in improved productivity, lower costs, and a more sustainable operation, overall.  Praemo is leveraging the best technology and practices from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Lean to deliver benefits to our customers.  Razor™ by Praemo, securely connects to data sources and gathers pertinent information. With the help of predictive analytics, production disruptions can be detected before they happen and prescriptive intelligence drives improvement by ‘prescribing’ the actions that will minimize those disruptions. Razor insights and suggested recommendations help customers take preemptive action to reduce equipment downtime, optimize production processes, and manage risks. Razor was built with an ‘edge-first’ approach to Connect to customer’s equipment, sensors, and backend data systems to collect data. It operates within the confines of a customer’s network or safely transmits data and information between the customer and the cloud. It processes the data using Predictive Analytics to generate alerts about upcoming production and equipment events. It leverages Prescriptive Intelligence to combine industry expertise with “learned” behavior to automatically create actionable recommendations. These Events and Recommendations are delivered as intuitive notifications to users who “subscribe” to the equipment. Razor was developed for industrial applications under the guidance of Praemo’s experienced industry practitioners.  We are committed to building technology with the mission of delivering truly sustainable productivity and cost improving digital technology in a more user-friendly/intuitive and cost-effective method than ever before.

Company: Praemo

I worked there from 5/2017 until now

Industry Solutions Director

Produced content that related GE Digital products to the needs of manufacturing customers. The content was utilized in internal sales training, webinars, blogs, and marketing videos. Produced content that leveraged prior internal GE manufacturing experience to reinforce GE's thought leadership position with regard to leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and data analysis in manufacturing. This content was delivered via blog posts, white papers, and conference presentations.

Company: GE Digital

I worked there from 4/2016 until 4/2017

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Architected and built the prototype version of the shop floor data acquisition and analysis system for Greenville Gas Turbine Plant. Partnered with technologist across the GE Corporation to initiate a corporate wide standards group for shop floor data acquisition systems. Orchestrated multiple corporate groups to introduce new technology to the manufacturing floor and managed the process of change with operations personnel. Managed and advised multiple university research projects

Company: GE Power

I worked there from 10/2012 until 4/2016

Graduate Research Assistant

Developed milling research test procedures for investigating the machining characteristics of numerous Nickel-based superalloys. Developed procedures for analyzing force and tool wear data. Prepared results and presented them for use among manufacturing personnel. Interfaced directly with industry partners.

Company: Clemson University

I worked there from 8/2009 until 12/2012

Diesel Engine Test Engineer

Ensured that customers were receiving the highest quality diesel engine for the United States Tier IV on- and off-highway emissions regulations by: - Setting-up and performing in-chassis engine validation tests - Managing as many as four in-chassis and/or test-cell tests at a given time - Developing a new testing procedure for specialized in-chassis engine tests. - Compiling endurance data and working with analysts to ensure data quality

Company: Caterpillar Inc.

I worked there from 6/2006 until 1/2009

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