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Freelance B2B Content Writer|Copywriter|Editor - helping top business organizations create winning content

About Me

I am a B2B writer with over ten years of experience. I've helped businesses such as PwC and Finastra create original and insightful content that increases engagement and the number of media placements.

I draw on knowledge and experience gained during my writing career and as a senior manager of content development to make sure your story unfolds in a way that is innovative and engaging.

I've learned that no matter your topic, the fundamentals of content marketing don't change. Every piece needs to engage by solving for critical challenges. By combining this approach with solid research, interviewing and copywriting skills, I am comfortable writing for many different industries.

Most commonly, I work with clients in the financial services industry on white papers, web copy, blogs, articles and brochures, but don't mind changing gears and readily pick up new voices and styles.

Whether you need to brainstorm on topics or are ready to dive right in, let's discuss how I can help you meet your marketing and business goals.

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Health & Wellness

Science & Medicine

My Writing Samples

Homebuyers Embrace Digital Lending in the COVID-19 Era

Market report based on survey findings of consumers and mortgage lenders.


Can P&C Insurers Avoid the Apocalypse of the Retail Industry

The great retail apocalypse of 2017 demonstrated what happens to organizations that fail to evolve into digital companies. Will P&C insurers suffer the same fate as many once-great retail giants, or will they develop top-tier digital capabilities and remain competitive against early industry adopters as well as new InsurTech entrants?


Feature Article for PwC SEE PAGES 8-9

Capturing significant value from M&A transactions remains a top priority for technology companies. It’s a marathon of strategic, financial and operational challenges that requires a rapid start at the sound of the gun, but also a consistent focus on the finish line. Only those who understand the proper integration momentum, including early planning, rapid execution and long-term commitment, can realize the full value of their M&A activities.


New Entrants: Charting the Health Industry's Risk and Regulatory Landscape

The new health economy is bringing change, and new entrants from diverse industries are stepping in to revolutionize care. Successful entities are employing a proactive approach to industry complexities that isolates risks and allows them to move forward with a solid compliance plan of action.


What Personal Lines Insurers Must Do to Address the Digital Age

As the Amazon generation pushes personal lines carriers to a new frontier of online service delivery and policy distribution, they must face the aging dilemma found in their legacy technology.


Creating Effective White Papers

White papers are a top-five tool in a marketer's arsenal, but successful engagement requires a solid approach. Learn how to make your white papers more effective.


Brochure for Out-of-the-Box Plastic Surgeon Marketing Solution

Plastic surgeons want to focus their time on patient care, but need to market in order to acquire patients and remain profitable. MarketSculpt help doctors sculpt successful a market niche through pre-designed marketing solutions.


Saving Costa Rica's Biodiversity

Underscoring a deep and abiding dedication to protecting the country’s rich landscape, Costa Rica has vowed to become carbon neutral by 2021, but even with these extensive measures, some feel the country’s appeal to the nature-loving leisure traveler may someday be its undoing.


Does Disney's FastPass+ Kill Spontaneity?

Recent hype around changes to the Disney World FastPass system have inspired consistent chatter across the mouse-eared sites. How are FP+ reservations made? What to do if you can’t get the FP+ you want? How has the system failed, and yes, in many cases, succeeded?


Koosah Falls and Sahalie Falls in Oregon, Reaching Heaven and Sky in the Willamette National Forest

Sahalie Falls and Koosah Falls in Oregon lie roughly along the McKenzie River National Recreation trail, a 26.4 mile excursion that begins at the base of Mt. Washington in an ancient lava bed. It winds through the Willamette National Forest, visiting old growth giants, skipping across dry creek beds and ending near the Foley Ridge. In between the trail’s auspicious beginning and its rather anti-climactic end are unforgettable sights, such as the aqua depths of Tamolitch Blue Pool and the astoun



Freelance B2B Content Writer, Editor and Graphic Design Layout Specialist

Qualified B2B writer with over ten years of experience in crafting compelling stories that prompt industry discussions and promote organizational objectives. I employ my marketing background and skills as a writer to successfully generate a wide variety of materials, including white papers, blog posts, web content, articles, and brochures. I work with large corporations, such as PwC and BOLT, as well as small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Company: Concepts and Solutions

I worked there from 7/2014 until now

Senior Manager and Vertical Content Marketing Specialist

Reporting directly to the vice president of North American marketing, supervised the content initiatives for specific industry offerings of a multi-national business process management firm, acting as writer and chief content editor for multiple industries. Established best practices for content creation, promoted organizational services and solutions by generating discussion on a wide range of topics and created and controlled content development schedule.

Company: Genpact

I worked there from 12/2009 until 6/2014

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