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Prolific Content Writer with a Creative Soul

About Me

The Quickie Guide to Theresa Hammond as a Writer:

* Storytelling is my art, and words are my profession. I enjoy turning dull and confusing topics into relatable content that is easy to understand and enjoyable to consume.

* I don't just write for clients. I also write for myself, including authority websites, affiliate niche sites, blogs and creative fiction of all lengths. Writing is my way of life.

* I am up-to-date on SEO and understand online marketing but also embrace the importance of offering genuine value to human readers. With targeted content planning, we can hit marketing goals while connecting with a growing audience.

* I take pride in my work and only turn in pieces that I would proudly present on my own sites.

The Full Story:

I am a writer by nature. It's just what I do with my time, so it wasn't surprising to anyone when I fell into content writing by accident. That was 15 years ago, and I have had a thrilling journey over the years.

I have watched changes in SEO and online writing trends. I have learned how to communicate clearly with clients. I have helped some clients determine what they really want while building long-term professional relationships that sometimes last for years. I have worked with some of my current clients for 5-10 years, and we're still producing fresh and creative content together.

As a full-time writer, I pride myself on remaining accessible and dependable. My clients rely on my services when they need original, human-written content completed on time, every time. My goal with every project is to help my clients hit their goals while pulling readers in and sharing something of value. 

I don't regurgitate what others have already said online. I enjoy using my creative forces to come up with something original to offer every client on every project. 

It's my mission to bring more creative writing to the content writing world. I enjoy breathing life into stale topics and giving my clients fresh angles for topics that they have covered a million times.

If I'm excited while writing a piece, I know that readers will get excited as well. It goes the same way if I'm bored, so I don't do boring!

Industries I Write About

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Freelance Writer

I have the privilege of earning a solid living as a Freelance Writer. My creative, entrepreneurial spirit would have it no other way.

Company: Theresa Hammond

I worked there from 1/2002 until now

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