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B2B Marketing Writer

About Me

I'm a B2B marketing writer and editor with a background in SaaS support.

I write fact-based articles about sales, support, marketing, and advertising.

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My Writing Samples

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge is more than power, it’s a necessity. In today’s knowledge economy, timely access to information can make or break a company’s ability to stay competitive.


How to become your team's king or queen of outbound

Top outbound reps don’t reach the #1 spot by waiting in line.


How to build an audience that drives event revenue

TLDR: If you build it, they will come.


To fight fraud, identify signals that can't be faked

Digital advertisers need to better differentiate traffic to understand true user behaviors and optimize their ad spend.


5 Reasons Millennials Should Start Planning

Why should Millennials plan for their deaths?



Content Marketing Writer

I pitched and wrote long-form articles for various technology brands.

Company: Find A Way Media

I worked there from 10/2017 until 1/2018

Client Success Manager

My blog post was the company's 5th most-shared in 2017.

Company: Splash

I worked there from 2/2017 until 10/2017

Community Manager

The Millennials post I wrote is the company's 10th most-shared of all time.

Company: Everplans

I worked there from 4/2014 until 7/2016

Tech Support Specialist

I wrote and produced the company's first and most successful how-to video to date. 34K+ views.

Company: Taskstream (now Watermark)

I worked there from 4/2012 until 4/2014


My articles were among the most-viewed/most engaged with.

Company: emcBlue.com

I worked there from 9/2010 until 3/2012

Content Marketing Specialist

Company: Aircall

I worked there from 7/2019 until now

Content I Write