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An interdisciplinary mix of 21st-century content

About Me

Before I trained with American Writers and Artists, Inc. to become a full-time copywriter, I spent ten years in the fashion industry. I've been an employee, freelancer, and business owner. If you didn't get involved in sourcing, design, production, import, distribution, and sales, you didn't have work in that field after 2008. It was do-or-die, all while trying to build better social and environmental responsibility into each piece of the supply chain. Did I learn a thing or two about the business world? Yes. It's what helps me get inside the soup-to-nuts of what you're doing, so that you're not only growing your business, you're also avoiding dead ends.

Beyond that, I have a background some would consider unconventional. A bachelor’s in the American four-field school of Boasian anthropology doesn't trip everyone's trigger, but would you say human relationships and societal changes have something to do with your business? While writing 65-page research papers wasn’t the particular form of publish-or-perish I embraced as a profession, I worked on research projects from Hanoi, Vietnam to Fredericksburg, Virginia. I’ve also taught school in rural Kenya, followed trails of Aboriginal healing in the Australian outback, and absorbed block-printing lessons from master craftsmen in Sanganer, India. Perhaps that's just the usual thing for someone from New York, with a far-flung family and a curiosity for what lies just over the known horizon. Typical.

These days, I frequently write at the intersection of neuroscience, business, and the healing arts, for service professionals who bring a holistic perspective to their business practices. Whether you're an EFT practitioner, health and wellness expert, or the new breed of business coach, empowering people is a brilliant profession. Too often we're caught up in brittle echoes of 19th and 20th century modalities that fail to serve our best health, relationships, passions, and careers. Stepping into 21st century blueprints is a renovation project well worth the undertaking. In a world drowning in information and advice, there’s only so much of it that makes the difference and takes people to the next level. That’s why I write about it.

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My Writing Samples

Energy Healing for the Pragmatist

As an energy healer with multiple masters degrees and training as a career counselor, Annette needed just the right touch of academic and multicultural understanding in creating her new business site. Expanding her digital presence in time for live events, we created web content, blog posts, social media snippets, and presentation notes.


Empowered Personal Style

Kathleen is an experienced stylist with multiple newsletter and blog needs. Writing in her voice and for her multi-generational audience takes us over a range of topics, but always seeks to inform in an uplifting way that brings self-esteem into women's self-image.


Case Study: Revenge Body Dreams to Health-Focused Mom

Client success stories become a treasure trove of how your business expands its reach, as told by those you've helped. Written for fitness coaching business Inspired By Purpose, this case study reviews the impact of a client's perspective change that reached across psychological and behavioral boundaries, creating a new lifestyle that matched major life goals.


Play to Your Goals: Teaching Techniques for Life Transitions

Created for a UK-based life transitions group, this article describes the transforming practice developed by former educator Marian Carr, who expands her clients' horizons through the art of play.


Corporate Learning Needs for Larger Teams

Sometimes you need someone to take on your voice, conveying your skills and experience in a way that reaches a corporate audience considering your services. Written for a UK-based business coach, this article highlights a range of training and performance improvement options specific to the Krush Coaching model.



Freelance Copywriter

I work with you and your team to produce content based on your unique talents, current business needs, and best-fit marketing methods.

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