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About Me

Sarah Glayzer is a bright and imaginative wordsmith with a voice as unique as it is engaging. Her creative writing style is clear and compelling with a lyrical quality shaped by her musical background, and she is never short of an original idea or quirky observation.

When it comes to creating marketing content, Sarah will quickly comprehend exactly what you wish to say and knows how to share your message with your audience. A journalist, blogger, reviewer, and marketeer, with a natural flair for interviewing people thoughtfully and inventively, Sarah has a genuine curiosity to reach the heart of a story, and to communicate it effectively. 

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My Writing Samples

A Life Truly Lived: Sir Ranulph Fiennes

How many chances will you have in your lifetime to not only hear death-defying stories of ground-breaking expeditions which redefined what humanity is capable of, but to hear them from the lips of the very person who has lived to tell the tale? Come to the Adventure Travel Show and let explorer, survivor and utterly captivating storyteller Sir Ranulph Fiennes carry you away with tales of his formidable feats. Fiennes is the only man alive ever to have travelled around the Earth’s circumpolar...


From pedal to pub – Giro’s new line of flat pedal shoes will take you anywhere!

If you’ve experienced the tragic stop, wobble and fall associated with clipless pedals then you may be looking to switch them – or perhaps supplement them – with flat pedals.Launched last week and available in authorized stores now, Giro’s new range of flat pedal footwear promises to deliver grip, protection, and durability whilst also being easy on the eye. Sure, you’ll lose the ability to pull up on the pedal stroke, causing a reduction in pedal power and a slight slowing of your sprint time..


Laying down the law – is it legal to keep chickens in my back-garden?

Access to a daily supply of fresh eggs is certainly enticing but will keeping a flock of chickens in your back-garden mean running ‘fowl’ of the law? In the UK chickens are classed as livestock and not pets (even if you’ve named yours and made them all tiny pyjamas) and keeping them is regulated by DEFRA (the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). There’s no national law to prevent anyone from keeping poultry anywhere in the UK but you must register your flock with DEFRA’s...


An Interview with Mountaineer Simon Yates

Mountaineer and explorer Simon Yates has an impressive career dating backover thirty years that has taken him everywhere from Baffin Island to Australia, but to many he is defined by one split decision he took in his early 20s. It was back in 1985 that a relatively inexperienced yet ambitious Yates and his friend Joe Simpson became the first climbers to successfully scale the west face of the Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. The pair’s achievement was forever marred by an accident on the...


Inside the world’s most luxurious cruise ships

Elegance, decadence, an exotic itinerary and first-class service have long been what characterize a luxury cruise, but passengers on today’s high-end lines can expect something more: personalisation. In a world where everything from the television we watch to the food we eat is shaped by the proclivities of the individual, cruise lines offer a bespoke and flexible holiday experience to ensure that every passenger can not only indulge but can do so in his or her own way. Suites with personal...


Monday Myth Buster– Myth: Cruises Only Go To Tourist Hot Spots

“I can show you the world,” sings Aladdin in the eponymous Disney classic. Well, being in possession of a magic carpet, lucky old Al could travel from Aqaba to the Russian Steppes in the twitch of a camel’s tail. For those of us without any airborne Axminster, taking a cruise is an excellent way to travel far from the Madding Crowd. Yes, the cruise industry offers plenty of voyages to perennial tourist favourites (and indeed it would be remiss not to), but look beyond that quick trip to the...


Monday Myth Buster – Myth: Cruise Food is Just Endless, Boring Buffets

Buffet shmuffet! Cruise food embraces the whole culinary rainbow from casual pub grub to Michelin star magic. Generally the bigger the ship, the bigger the choice of chow with buffet-style food offered as just one option alongside cafes, 24-hour room-service, formal dining rooms and more intimate speciality restaurants inspired by the world’s greatest cuisines. Sushi fans can set sail with Crystal Cruises and sample the Japanese-Peruvian food of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa in Silk Road and the Sushi...



Content & Communications Manager

Interviews, blog articles, show guides, targeted marketing emails, press releases, social media posts for a portfolio of consumer-focused events in the travel, sport, art, and lifestyle industries, plus a weekly internal company newsletter.

Company: Upper Street Events

I worked there from 5/2017 until 3/2018

Blogger & Interviewer

Interviewing electronic music artists, reviews, blogging, marketing material

Company: Point Blank Music School

I worked there from 10/2014 until 3/2017

Senior Reporter

News, reviews, features, court reporting, interviews on regional weekly paper

Company: St Austell Voice

I worked there from 4/2007 until 9/2009

Press Officer

Press releases, marketing material, fundraising communication for a charity

Company: Carers Bucks

I worked there from 3/2010 until 9/2011

Content I Write