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Freelance Writer for SaaS, Hospitality, Pets, and MarTech

About Me

A pioneer in the web writing world, I've worked with clients from veterinarian hospitals to Hubspot Partner Agencies to craft compelling content that focuses on the prospect.

Let's tell your story.

With my direct response copywriting training, I apply these copywriting fundamentals to digital marketing so that my clients achieve the best results such as a 30-40% boost in Google Rankings and increased sales.

My background in copywriting, SEO, marketing, project management, teaching, and running a business, has provided me valuable insight and the ability to work with many different types of people.

I thrive on building longlasting business relationships, deepening my skillset, and sharing ideas.

Core Skills: Direct response copywriting, Sales writing, B2B and B2C content marketing, email marketing, content strategy, online marketing strategy, keyword research/on page SEO copywriting, blogging, Wordpress, basic HTML, travel

You can reach me at jen@jenphillipsapril.com or book a call here https://calendly.com/jen-18 or call 267-265-7291. I look forward to connecting!

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness


Science & Medicine


My Writing Samples

Alacena is a Foodies' Paradise

This gourmet food shop in Playa del Carmen offers tasty treats as well as private chef service.


What is the Ideal Dog Diet

This post serves as an advertorial style blog post driving traffic from Facebook ads to the website so that prospects can order the treats.


The Pet Food Industries' Dirty Little Secret

Another advertorial style post geared toward dog lovers' concerned about their pet's health.


Leverage Data to Create Your Next Travel Program RFP

This piece seeks to educate corporate travel buyers about the questions they'll want to ask as they consider revamping their travel program RFP.


How to Simplify Your Online Marketing Strategy

Many small business owners are overwhelmed by their marketing. This post explains how to simplify it for your business objectives.


McQuaite Chiropractic

Keeping the best practices of SEO in mind, I rewrote this website and more than 50 blog posts. His site is well-ranked within the community.



Copywriter, Ghostwriter, and Content Marketer

Writer. Traveler. Strategist. Seeker of Sunshine. From the small-town American South to the beaches of Mexico, I tell stories for a living. Online such stories: Boost engagementIncrease your "findability" (SEO) Instill credibility ...all while contributing to the bottom line. From blogs to web content to email marketing my specialties include pets and wellness/travel. 30-40% average increase in web traffic after SEO rewriteBoosted response rates by 93% for a client after webpage rewrite.

Company: Write Words Marketing

I worked there from 1/2010 until now

Content I Write