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About Me

My passion for words and written expression began early on. From a young age, I employed the use of written word for the purpose of conveying a particular message and sharing information. As I have gained experience as a professional writer and refined my skill and innate capabilities, I now find purpose in bringing expression and eloquence to a variety of individuals and their enterprises. I appreciate the countless opportunities I have had to create diverse pieces, with unique purposes, and for varying individuals and audiences.I have vast experience in writing biotech, fintech, electronics manufacturing and IT projects.I take pride in being able to classify myself as a pertinent team member to a wide array of companies and businesses as I produce written pieces that can contribute to their goals and progress as an organization. Overnight, I can craft 500 words of compelling, Copyscape passed and SEO optimized content that will help you rise above the competition. This gig offering will delight, enchant and engage your website and blog readers.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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Real Estate

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Freelance writer/Blogger-content marketing strategist

I am an experienced bio-sciences content writer with specialization in Biotechnology and Medical Genetics. I have generated topics, researched, written and edited thousands of content for a side variety of clients and now i want to try my luck with fiverr as well. I enjoy turning your keywords or topics ideas into full-contents.Types of content include: ArticlesBlog postsWork projects or any other customized content you have My contents are: write any content/blog article up to 500 or more words


I worked there from 3/2013 until 2/2018

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