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About Me


My name is Merhawi Kidane and I'm a Freelance Content Writer that specializes in writing blogs for companies in the SaaS space.

Before we go any forward, I want you to understand that I don't write with just a word count as my goal.

My blogs are written with my client's market in mind and I put the time in to conduct the research necessary to assemble the strongest content designed to grow your brand and position you as the expert of your industry.  

If you're curious, here's a link to my website where you can learn more: WinningBlogs.com 

Industries I Write About


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Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

How to Find the Right POS Software for your Retail Business (An In-depth Guide)

A long-form blog post for Vend detailing how retail businesses should go about finding and picking the POS software that is right for their business.


Why Increasing the Diversity of your Sales Team Improves your Bottom Line

A blog post for Nutshell CRM explaining to sales managers how increasing the diversity of their sales teams may be their answer to producing more profit.


3 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Working

A blog post for Rival IQ, a company that creates social media analytics software, detailing why many companies are failing to create content that really reaches their users.


How Native Ads are Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry

A blog post for Sprinklr explaining what Native ads are along with their impact on social media marketing.


5 Marketing Mistakes that E-Commerce Brands Need to Stop Making

A blog post explaining popular marketing mistakes that are commonly made by e-commerce brands.



Content Writer

Wrote blog posts revolving around the topic of digital marketing for Sprinklr.

Company: Sprinklr

I worked there from 9/2017 until now

Content Writer

Wrote a long-form blog piece revolving around finding the best POS software for retail businesses.

Company: Vend

I worked there from 11/2017 until 11/2017

Content Writer

I manage and write their blog as well as provide ideas revolving around the topic of human resources.

Company: WePow

I worked there from 8/2017 until now

Content Writer

I write blogs regarding their CRM platform that is centered around helping sales teams close accounts.

Company: Nutshell

I worked there from 2/2017 until now

Content I Write