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About Me

I'm a writer, trainer, teacher, and developmental business leader whose best talents are helping people and organizations become better and more productive. I have a knack for diving into chaos to create order -- but just enough -- along with a learning environment making us smarter and more engaged. In an era of specialization, I also bring the expanded view of a generalist, able to sometimes see how different components can work together.

Possessing deep corporate and small business ownership experience, my niches are performance management and business development. 

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My Writing Samples

Employee not getting the job done?

Have an employee who is just not getting the job done? Ask this question: Does the individual know what, how, and why to do the job?


Curiosity didn’t kill the cat; uncertainty did!

With the national and international business climate contending with untold uncertainty, it presents both a lesson and opportunity for executives and business owners: What uncertainty are they presenting their staff?


Carrots and Sticks: The Original Change Management Tools

A business would expect its employees to have good behavior instead of bad. Yet, as a manager, how is it often good people perform in undesired ways?



Principal/ Management Consultant

Passionate about developing people and programs, helping achieve results. Core services include performance management, business development, training, and recruiting/ staffing, as well as functional expertise in general management, compliance, and expense control. Specializing in the financial services arenas, the Distribution Consulting Group LLC has also provided benefit to IT firms and non-profits. Notable projects have included large and small businesses, turnarounds, start-ups, and more.

Company: the Distribution Consulting Group LLC

I worked there from 7/2001 until now

Director of Sales and Development

“Start-up” Broker-Dealer and RIA owned by 38 community banks providing turn-key, private labeled investment program to their retail customer base. Responsible for sales management, business development, recruiting, and training along with general management and compliance functions. BI Investments grew to $10.4MM in gross revenues in under five years before being sold.

Company: Infinex Financial Group (BI Investments)

I worked there from 1/2004 until 5/2008

National Sales Director

Part of divisional turnaround team. Directed national sales forces in both retail and wholesale investments channels. Supervised 110+ field-based sales managers, wholesalers, trainers, and change consultants. Pioneered a unique training/ consulting differentiator increasing revenues and becoming a new business acquisition tool. Improved new hire onboarding and worked to streamline processes. Retail revenues grew from $13MM to $17MM in under two years with wholesale nearly doubling to $270MM.

Company: MetLife Investors Group (Security First Group)

I worked there from 4/1993 until 6/2001

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