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Brittany is a dedicated, outspoken freelancer who specializes in articles, blogs, web pages, product descriptions, and e-books. With more than seven years of experience in the field of writing, Brittany has written for many fortune 500 companies and small businesses. She is a writer who does not create content solely to meet the word count, but to convey different ideas and beneficial information to the reader in its entirety.


As a proud mommy of five children, Brittany brings a unique and experienced approach to the parenting niche. As a wife, she exceeds many client's expectations with her humorous yet truthful approach to the relationship niche. Although Brittany is fairly new to the adult niche, her product descriptions are spot-on.


A true hard, dedicated worker, Brittany enjoys creating content for a wide range of niches. She is always looking for ways to improve and thrive as a writer. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys playing cooking and baking simulation games, some of which include Bakery Story and Ramsay Dash. Brittany is a current student at Ashworth College pursuing a degree in marketing communications.

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Tips and Meal Ideas for Losing Weight On the Vegetarian Diet

It's true that, depending on your weight-loss goals, some diets are better than others. While some people just want to lose weight quickly, eating a vegetarian diet supports heart health and helps prevent diabetes while it leads to weight loss. You can lose weight and remain healthy without eating meat.


4 Things You Should Consider Before and After You Purchase a Portable Power Generator

Portable power generators are great to have in the event of an emergency, such as power outages. When you lose power, you do not have access to many of your essentials which may include hot water and lights. A portable generator provides solutions to these problems while giving you peace of mind. Here are the things you should consider when you are in the market for a portable generator.



Content Strategist

Brittany's job at Writer Access is to create high-quality content while following client's instructions, incorporating required keywords and submitting the work within the specified deadline.

Company: Writer Access

I worked there from 4/2010 until now

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