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About Me

I'm an online English teacher looking for writing assignments. My teaching hours are totally under my control so I have the time, skills and drive to complete a writing assignment whenever I take one. 

For about 4 years before I became a teacher I worked at a local news station in Tampa, Florida (WTSP 10News) as a Web Producer and Content Editor. News, be it local or national, always moves at a breakneck speed and this is where I honed my skills as an editor and writer. I learned the importance of being fast and being correct go hand in hand. No reader wants one without the other. 

Now I would like to get back into the world of writing and editing but not necessarily for news. I have lots of experience with press releases and explanatory articles. 

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My Writing Samples

Over 300 manatees close down Three Sisters Springs

Three Sisters Springs had to close down on Monday when over 300 manatees rapidly moved into the interior of the springs at an unexpected rate.


13 Things You May Not Know About The Poisonwood Bible

Today is acclaimed author Barbara Kingsolver’s 60th birthday. Let’s celebrate by taking a closer look at her most renowned novel.


'Miracle cat' came back, but won't be going home

Five days after being hit by a car and buried, Bart the cat showed up in a neighbor's yard after digging himself out of his grave.



Web Producer/Content Editor

I was part of a 5 person digital division in the newsroom. The job was twofold — one part basic editing, writing, and packaging of on-air stories for the website. The other part was helping on air-journalist find stories that resonated with the local community and utilizing all forms of social media to platform the story.

Company: WTSP 10 News

I worked there from 2/2012 until 9/2016

Content I Write